Journal of a Serial Killer by Justin Mullins


Jared, a freshman in college, sat in his car in a secluded area with no one around and that was near the town he lived in. He was writing in his journal he had started today.

I killed her. I actually killed her. Strangely, I didn't feel guilty about it as I thought I would. Especially considering I had known the girl for a few years. She was had been a cheerleader, back in high school and college. But, she was a backstabber. She deserved to die! It's her own fault that I killed her. Oh sure, I killed her, but, she caused me to, as did all the others who will meet the same fate from me. Jared smiled as he continued writing.

You see, I was driven crazy over the years. I tried to get help, but, no one cared enough to listen. The endless torment by my so called friends. Yeah right. Bunch of backstabbers. With people like me, every insult, it's like it was burned into my mind. The anger and pain from the bullying and insulting, is sometimes hard to get rid of. Maybe it never really goes away. It just stays and eats away at you and swells up. Eventually, like in my case, it drives you insane. Until one day, you have to do something about it. That's what I'm doing now. Oh, if you're wondering what I did with the girl I killed, I'll tell you. I buried her near the small stream in the river, right next to the single batch of flowers.

Jared closed his journal, placed it in the seat next to him, and picked up a piece of paper and pen. Jared unfolded the piece of paper. At the top, it read, HITLIST. Using the pen, Jared made a line through the top name of the list, which was the name of the girl he had killed earlier.

"One down," Jared said and folded the paper back up. Finally, he started his car and drove away, leaving the buried body of his first victim behind.