Speaking from the heart.

I've never written a biography before, so please give me the benefit of the doubt. This particular story just goes over a few major events in my life, and will more than likely be split into chapters. Please review!!!

Chapter 1: Why is everybody always picking on me?

Here it goes again. I don't remember how old I was at the time, but I remember this being a nasty experience. No one likes to be in any kind of pain, so why do some people delight in it? I was in primary school (junior high if you're American) and boys in my year seemed to think it was fun to pick on my little sister. I didn't agree and I said so. Funny thing is, they never just scowled and left, they started on me. It used to be a common occurrence to be hit or pushed over, but that didn't mean I got used to it. I remember one time when a boy called Jason Fisher nearly set alight to my sister's hair. This is the same boy that used to take knives into school by the way. And another thing, we were no older than ten here.

No matter how many times I told teachers and the head master (principle), it all fell on deaf ears. After a while they started on my cousin. My auntie went into school a few times and threatened the people doing it, but this made no difference. What a sick sad world.

Eventually, after putting up with the same shit for so long, they got bored of making our lives hell and just ignored us, or even worse, tried to talk to us! How people think it's ok to treat someone like they are worthless bits of crap for so long, and then decide they can'' be arsed with it and think that those people are going to willingly speak to them and be their chums is beyond me.

Eventually due to neighbour a problem at home (that's right, the fun NEVER stops) our family ended up moving house after me and my sister had been raised in that house for ten years. The good thing is, I moved schools, so I have never seen those putrid people in about seven years. Thank god.

Although I was a lot happier in my new school, a couple of times I got beaten up and I had a few threats, but apart from that it wasn't too bad, at least the head master took heed of what I was saying and sorted out the problems.

Anyway that's chapter 1 finished. Please review and tell me what you think. Also if you're being bullied, tell someone. Trust me, if you tell someone, it will stop, even if you go to a crap primary school like the first one I went to.