Another Sphere

Chapter I :Convictions

Seizet stood gazing blankly through the bay window of his compartment. The city seemed so small and insignificant to him. The tiny people crawling like so many bugs all in their own little spheres of existence .

Far off he could see the twinkle of the intercoastal, brazenly challenging the sky to out shine it. Closer the dull house tops and store fronts blocked the view of Broadway twisting and turning writhing along its path to oblivion. The Blue Heron bridge stood out almost above the ware house district down by the water front .It was a poor site the city, depending on your vantage point.

Far below Seziet noticed a stirring ,oh yes the store front church had just issued forth a slimy mess of color. Sunday ,a day of rest and yet these people busied them selves with the strict obligation to sit and be bellowed at in the name of a being who was as real as a story book hero.

Seizet sighed and turned from the window, such things interested him no more. His were the night lights, the dark dank corners where drug lords hung like bats waiting to suck the life out of any young flower that passed by. Although no druggie himself Seizet admired those who knowingly inflicted them selves time and again for a short ride that left them begging relentlessly for more. No ,he was high on life ,life drink and destiny. Now was not the time for such as he to be up and about ,so saying he dawned his thin thread bare coverlet and returned to his bed

Mike could feel the pulse of the city. The young vibrant flares of youth writhing their slender bodies in pre orgasmic pleasure .He turned the volume over and over in his hand ,it was old yes and had seen better days. The front cover was faded the binding barely holding together. Yet it held wonders to some but tonight it did nothing for Mike. He couldn't relate his problems to those of people two thousand plus years gone. He let the book slide from his hand to land with a soft thud on his grass like carpet. There was no use pretending to still believe, just a story ,a volume of very nice uplifting stories. The underdog always wins.

He sighed and hauled himself up his long slender legs seemed so far below him ,almost unconnected.. nothing a cup of coffee and gin couldn't cure. Mike thought as he stretched his back .The popping sensations in his bones riveted him for a moment ,but only that.. In the tiled kitchen the pulse was stronger almost rattling the dishes in the cabinet. The coffee was strong and black just hot enough to out burn the gin. From behind the black beaded walls floated a sound much like that of a fly trapped against a window screen. The girls he knew. Their consistent chanting and incense burning did nothing for his allergies, yet their bright smiles and sly looks always excited him.

The beads swayed and like a tormented shadow Seizet appeared in a storm of black gear and long limp hair .His pale face almost screamed out from behind his dark tresses. He was almost purely white except for the dark rings around his eyes. Mike flicked his fingers in acknowledgement and downed the rest of his coffee.

"Going down already?" he asked looking sadly at the grinds at the bottom of his mug.

"is it ash Wednesday?" Seizets deep voice rolled from the dead face.

"don't kno why i know this, but it is." mike replied draining the last of the coffee from the pot .

Seizet chuckled slightly, almost choking on his water. "Iam starting to rub off on u Mike. Sooner or later you'll be living for the rights, eh?

Mike sighed. "Ash Wednesday, has it been a year already" he mumbled more to himself than sizet

"better believe it " Seizet smiled devilishly as he parted his way through the beads on the far right of the kitchen. "meet ya there"

Mike couldn't help but smile at the memory "Vampyrer what crimes we have committed for you."

The Pit was packed that night all manner of people crowded through its doors. First timers stood around in small clumps and posses too frightened to move further than a few feet from the bar. The more braver people stood in tiny clumps trying to sway with the sporadic music blasting from the floors and ceilings of the dance floor. But aah the seasoned guests ,the Z- darkies ,punks ,candy ravers and all such moshed with the energy of youth and drug. From the balcony the group looked down on all this barely interested yet totally intrigued by the writhing mass of human flesh below. Between bursts of light, fog, and sound the club looked as if it were being consumed by some ravenous monster, feeding its self on the pure energy of life.

David yawned ,he and Dashea had been in the weight room when the knock came. He was truly fatigued and not in the mood for Vampyrer or her estranged friends tonight. His eyes were red and blood shot from lack of sleep, his blood sugar he knew was too low to sustain any long winded antics tonight, plus he had work in the morning and the gang needed money for this months rent.

Dashea also dead tired tried to keep herself awake by talking to The Girls, but even their bubbling stream of conversation dried up long before Vampyrer ascended the stairs followed by a group of cloaked friends and associates.