Author: Imhotep Ardeth Bey

Genre: Angst / Abuse

Title: Puzzle Pieces

Summary: A victim of abuse finds themself a puzzle, their trust has been scattered, and must be put back together. But it takes time to find the pieces.

__Chapter Story__

Puzzle Pieces - Prelude


The water from a broken faucet dripped to a rhythm as it filled the sink with a slow, agonizing pace. The drips of the faucet harmonized with the sounds of a young girl on the phone in another room, laughing and talking though nothing had happened that night.

After all, for her, nothing had.

It was the occupant of the room, laying awake with bloodshot eyes, who had to live with the painful memories flashing across the seemingly tortured mind; the memories, added with others, is what stopped the one lying in the bed, fully clothed and staring up at the ceiling, to enjoy any sign of sleep.

'When did I lose it?'

The flashes of scenes came, like a movie, before the eyes, unblinking in their thoughtful state. Against the wall...such a cold wall...lips with a bruising force, they were kissing...

'Of course we were kissing. We're a happy couple.'

Trying to get away...a hand, pushing backwards upon the escape...


"Look, I think I should go, okay?" With a light push, the other individual was standing about two feet away, azure eyes blinking in confusion and slight anger.

"Why are you leaving?" The voice sounded so soft; so gentle. A simple shake of a head was the answer, leaving short black hairs with nowhere to hide from the predatory advancing of the seemingly power-hungry companion. "You're cheating on me, aren't you? There's someone else...someone better than I am?"

Suddenly pushed back against the wall, as the black hair became more disheveled. Light golden eyes blinked into the stunning blue of the dominating partner: so close that their lashes touched when so was done. The speed of a snake graced the favorable companion; the soft, sweet lips were brushing against the ear they were closest to.

"You can't leave me..." The voice sounded harsh...unexpected to come from such sweet lips. Like a beautiful cobra, the venom was not predicted to come from such an animal; never before would anyone person expect the innocent, admirable cobra to hold such poison. "You'll be ruined if you do. You need can't live without me."

A hand to the stomach, pushing against it weakly to remove the other body; but the arms that had been used were immediately grabbed and held onto tightly. Nails dug into the wrists hard, leaving blood to drip slowly from the cuts, which they caused.

"If you leave me..." The hands tightened, digging long nails deeper into soft skin. "I'll kill myself. I'll kill myself if you ever leave me. Don't ever leave me."

Golden eyes closed in defeat; a sigh followed them.

"I won't." The individual relaxed, as though finally accepting the pain of the domination. "I'm sorry..."


Those golden eyes now blinked into the swirled debts of a creamy white ceiling; it seemed to be the only comfort now. The only hope. Where was there a place to go, even if there was courage inside this heart to tell of what had happened?

Most of all, these barren eyes wished to cry.

But men aren't aloud to cry.