Reasons for Leaving My Faith

Punk Poser

Religion, to me, is a man-made thing. It was created because of humans' need to understand the world around them. In short, religion is a system of beliefs, nothing more or less.

In my mind, gods are also man-made. They are fantasy helpers. They control the parts of nature that humans can not, and fix it so that humans reap the benefits. Gods would not have been created if humans were not so dependent on others with more powers than they.

It is because of my views on religion and gods as you have read that I can not bring myself to follow any one religion. It would go against my nature of being my true to myself. I do not believe that everyone should believe what I believe. If you choose to follow a religion and believe in a god or gods, than you should be able to do so. If this system works for you, so be it. Everyone should be able to believe what they want. Your life and your thoughts are yours and no one else's. Like it how you want, and believe what you want to believe.