Love is just love
Nothing but a nice dream to sleep in
And my dream was too beautiful
Buried too deep into my brain
Love is just love
Something to fly in
But I've lost my angels wings

I was soaring so high
Too high
And the dream got burned by the sun
And now i wake up from my sleeping beauty's sleep to find there's no prince beside
For the moment he kissed me awake he vanished
And now I'm left alone on the ground
Alone with my dreams

He stole my wings with a kiss
He broke my flight and let me fall
And i just want to ask him
Why'd you ever kiss me when you knew you had to leave?
Why'd you ever wake me up from my sleep?
Why did you take my heart and rip it apart?

Like a broken angel now
I'm searching for someone new
A new prince from a faraway land
Someone who can make me sing
And give me back the stolen wings
For me to fly again