My final message of this story... Wow that it has finally come to this... Praise God! I give you my final ramble... enjoy!

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We cannot glorify God by lying. "Of course!" you say. "That is so obvious!" And I can understand that to be your first reaction, but there is something that I want to add to that statement.

We cannot glorify God by lying... to Him... and/or to ourselves. "Ouch!"

We cannot glorify Him if we continue to put up our masks, our lies to the world of being infallible. Even if we state we're not perfect, we can still act like we're infallible. We act like we're emotionally strong. We act like we don't fall, or bleed, or cry out to God or pray some nights crying out and making our minds wander about His existence... Oh, in our hearts we know that He does, but we all go through that doubt... and for some reason we're all to scared to admit it.

I won't say that I'm not scared to admit it. I am... I am a coward in most aspects though my nature and my personality hide it so wonderfully. People say that you can't change your personality. That stuff about you cannot be changed from day to night. Well, I've seen a perfect mask constructed for me. One that shows no pain, no emotion, no hint of life... I've seen it constructed from one of those super strong metals... indestructible... and I've seen God come and pull it off.

Do you know how it feels to stay in a dark room for years and then to suddenly be thrown into the light? Believe me, it isn't pleasant... but it's necessary. It is necessary to take those masks off, people, 'cause we cannot show a real, true picture of Christ in our lives by continuing to wear those lies.

It might not be the most accurate of Bible translations, but the 'Good News Bible' holds within itself one of my favourite verses, spoken in the way it beats through my spirit - A constant reminder of who I was, who I am... and who I want to be.

2 Corinthians 3:18 - All of us, then, reflect the glory of the Lord with uncovered faces; and that same glory, coming from the Lord, who is the Spirit, transforms us into his likeness in an ever greater degree of glory.

So how does this verse fit into the story? Two words that I hope will pop out and just be like a ray of light to your eyes, a gong to your ears and a lightning bolt to your... motivation ;-) is those that are found within the very first line: 'uncovered faces'. Get it? UNCOVERED. Not masked, not perfect, not infallible, not trying to be something, but uncovered. In other words... just me... just you...

Who I was: I'm too much of a coward to really; honestly and seriously go into that. My friends know so much and yet so little... and I won't give you the twenty page testimony of it either ;-) but how do I see my past in this verse? By looking at those very same two words mentioned above and finding myself to have been the complete opposite...

Who I am: My Info on my AIM actually describes this perfectly. I am simply me. I am not the one with the indestructible armor or the unending patience. I am not the one who sees all, feels all, knows all... I am me and the moment I realize that and start being ONLY me, will be the time when I reflect Christ's glory through me. A quote that goes so well with this is the one that says that 'when we forget ourselves, we usually do something everyone else remembers'. If I am myself, I won't have to think on how I will try to react. I will not worry on how to project myself... in a sense I will forget to look at myself and simply BE as I am. When I do that, the focus is off of me and I can finally start to function as God wants me to, doing something that someone might be touched by.

Who I want to be: This one is the easy one... I want to be able to reflect Him perfectly 24/7. I want to be transformed completely into His likeness. It's a feat I might not ever achieve on earth, but that's not going to stop me from aiming that high.

So why am I sharing this with you? In the story it took Rhea only a moment to take her mask off. It took only an instant... for me it took years and I still haven't achieved it completely... what's the difference between the two? Why is it so 'easy' for the one and so 'difficult' for the other? ... Choice... It all boils down to that one simple word. Choosing to do it. Choosing not to make fear your master and to stop hiding behind all those lies. Please, do not wait years so that the mask starts to get too attached to your face... Take it off now...

For in the end... we cannot glorify God by lying

Be blessed


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