Vivian blinked and took a deep breath. The bright florescent light hummed above her as her body tensed in pain. Her throat was sore and she felt groggy. She heard distant voices and a machine close by.

Where am I?

Vivian tried to sit up pain pulsing in her chest. She leaned on her side, propping herself up with her elbow she glanced around the room. It was a bland room with white walls, a large curtain and a counter top with a sink. A large machine was buzzing beside her and an IV attached to her arm. The room had a dim smell of sanitizer and hospital food.

The hospital. Dammit.

She cursed as she noticed her left arm bandaged up. She didn't make it. She had failed and was still alive. They had pumped her stomach. She sunk back into the crisp white pillow with disappointment and stared at the ceiling. She felt sick to her stomach.

What now?

Vivian was well aware what was to happen next and fear burned in her chest. She knew where they put people after they had tried to commit suicide. She shuddered. Vivian's mind began to race. "Maybe I could tell them I…" She thought to herself, her mind was blank. Suddenly she heard the knob of the door click open. Glancing up she saw a doctor and a nurse enter.

"Ah, your awake." The doctor said, looking rather serious in his white coat and fine-rimmed glasses.

"Yeah." Vivian answered awkwardly.

"I'm Dr. Whim. How are you feeling?"

"I'm alright."

"Are you hungry?"

"Not really. How long have I been here?"

"Since last night."


Vivian shifted her weight, feeling uncomfortable as he pulled a chair up to the side of the bed; the nurse tended to IV and exited the room.

"I'd like to ask you some questions." He said with a serious tone.

Oh shit.


"Where did you get those bruises from?" Dr. Whim asked. Vivian began to panic. She knew Rick would kill her if she said anything. Not only that, but her mother would kill her too.

"I fell down the stairs."

That was lame…. why did I say that?!

"Are you sure you did?"

"I'm pretty sure I'd know if I fell down the stairs."

"Why did you cut yourself?"

"I didn't."

"Who did?"

"My cat."

"Well, then why did you take those pills?"

"I had a headache."

"And a handful of pills is going to fix it?"

"Yeah, I thought it would."

"I don't buy this Vivian."

"It's the truth."

Dr. Whim stared at her for a moment and shook his head. He got up and placed the chair back to its original spot in the corner. He crossed his arms as he glanced down at her. "You're going to get help whether you think you need it or not. You are being transferred to Gail Glade Hospital in the morning."

A cold wave swept through her body. She could feel her tears lined up ready to drop at any moment. She took a deep breath to clear her eyes quickly. Her mouth opened to reply to him but no sound came out. He nodded at her and said goodbye as he left. A black cloud of lead fell upon her chest as she tried to keep her tears from falling.

A Mental Hospital. Great.

She sighed and closed her eyes. She tried to think of something happy to keep from having the sadness seep into her. She saw Jake's face smiling at her. She missed him. She wondered if he had noticed that she was gone. Vivian let her mind relax to Jake's invisible touch.

.. Fair vixen trotted with unfaltering pillars. A portrait of strength the fae broke into a canter. Vegetation became a blur as she bolted, bounding over fallen logs and silent mounds. The forest surrounded her as the vixen followed the familiar howl that had nagged her continuously. Her pelt shimmered in the moonlight as she dogged the shadows. The darkness wrapped around her as she entered a thick patch of trees. Her tail wagged slightly as another howl ripped through the night. Auds erect and ready to pierce any fallen angel, the wolf halted. She panted softly awaiting her next sign..