He stood in the center of the room. His mahogany brown hair was quite unkempt from his routine morning shower. He glanced across the room with his dazzling emerald green eyes.

There she was. Her chocolate brown hair bounced as she bobbed her head up and down. Her astounding cerulean blue eyes, with emerald green rings, were filled with understanding and compassion. She was watching her friends contently in deep concentration. She stood in the corner of the entire room.

He glanced away quickly before he got entirely drawn into her aura. He feared somebody would observe and conclude the obvious. He had definitely feelings for her, feelings that were pure and true, feelings that were swarming inside his body, consuming his every thought. He feared somebody would know what he wanted more than anything else, what somebody else had.

He feared the ridicule, the torment, and most of all, the girl herself. She would laugh at him, in her gigglish, yet melodious laughter. That would definitely be the worst of it all, the rejection.

But somebody else had already witnessed the event that could destroy him. Somebody had seen the look that could, and would, change everything. Someone saw the glance that would hurt someone very close to him. Someone was watching the entire scene fold out, bidding his time, waiting for the precise moment when he could rise.


A boy stood in the doorway. His reddish-blond hair covered his dark, vacant grey eyes. He swept his hair behind his ear. He chuckled.

He was the one they would soon all fear. He was the one who would have it all, including that girl with perfect hair and gorgeous eyes. He wanted her. He would have her. The look had confirmed all of his previous suspicions. The look made him absolutely positive.

It was almost time, again, to toy with their pathetic, puny minds. It was almost time to bring out his weapon. He'd watch for the right moment, watch and wait. It was what he did best. He would be ready for the battle worth the ultimate price: the girl. He planned to win. In fact, he was certain, except.