Michael Kastling: I'm not crazy, right? Loving a girl who loves someone else isn't a crime. It's only my brother, and it's not like I'll do anything to hurt him. I love him. The thing is, I love her, too. I know that every time I look in the mirror, I see a guy who wants something, something unattainable. I really want it. I want it so bad I can taste it. The thought of my brother and Melanie together makes me feel.jealous and angry. And I don't like feeling that way.

Melanie Kipter: Things haven't quite been going my way lately. Actually, they haven't gone my way at all. I've learned so little about James and Arielle. So far I know that they were married about 6 months before I was born. I know both their parents died in a plane crash. Neither had any siblings. They just vanished one after the other. First, Arielle left a day after Dennis was born. A year later, James left. According to the government, my parents had five children, not two. I don't remember anything about having siblings, other than Dennis, of course. I don't know too much just yet. Natalie knows something is wrong. She doesn't quite know what happened. Neither does Nick. They only know that I found out who my parents are. They don't know what I learned about them. So far, only Mike knows. He was there with me. Not even Adam has a clue. He doesn't even know about what was going on at the house. All he knows is that I'm 'adopted' (that's the official story I've told everybody else). I need to tell him, though. Things have been hitting a wall lately. We've had small disagreements. Nothing really big. He thinks that we're beginning to grow apart. We don't talk as much as we used to. We don't seem to do much of anything. Lately, I've been swamped with work.and other stuff. He thinks Mike and I are much closer. He thinks that I spend more time with him, though. Personally, I think he's right, but I'm not about to tell him so.

Chapter 4: The Meeting

She stood in the room. Her hair was blown by a gentle breeze that swept across the room. The evening sunlight shined on her beautiful hair. She just stood there, waiting. Who she was waiting for, she didn't know. Why she was waiting, she had no clue. All she could remember was a very strange dream. It was a fuzzy dream. All those dreams were always perfectly clear. She could always see every single detail, whether she liked it or not. This time, she couldn't.

She shivered. There was something wrong here. This time she shivered not because of the breeze but because something was unnatural in this room. Something was very wrong, abnormal, almost evil. It was a feeling she couldn't shake. She just stood there, waiting.


Where is she? She said she'd be here by now.

No, she said she'd be a little late, remember? The voices in his head were competing with each other. He was getting a massive headache, as usual.

I'll wait out here for her. She'll be here, I know it. She told me she would come. I believe her. She never lies.

I'll leave if she doesn't come in five minutes. If she doesn't come, I'll just go home or something. I'll just leave.

Will you? Would you seriously go home if she didn't come in five minutes? I know you wouldn't. You're too much of a gentleman and even you know it. People step all over you. They-

You love her. You wouldn't leave her. She needs you.

But if she needs me, why won't she tell me what's going on?

She'll tell you all in good time. After all, she's never deceived you. Why should you start doubting her now?

You wanna know why. I'll tell you why. There's a gut feeling in you. You know that Mike loves her.

Does he really? How could he? They've been best friends forever.


"Hey. When did you get here?" He turned around. She looked absolutely stunning with the sunset in the background. "Hello?"

"Sorry. I zoned out for a sec. I just got here," he responded.

Liar, liar, pants on fire-

He ran quickly to her. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "I missed you so much all day." He put his arm around her, and they began walking to his car.

"Me, too. What did you wanna talk about, Adam? You seem so distracted." She looked up at him from in his arms. He just stopped and stared at her for a moment or two.

"Well.Mike won't talk to me. Something's going wrong. I feel so distant from him. It feels so wrong. I wanna talk to him again." Adam looked away from Melanie's face and out into the sunset.

Liar, liar.oh, what's the point, it's not like you listen anyway.

"Adam. Adam, look at me." Reluctantly, he turned back towards her smiling face. "He's just confused right now. He wants to deal with some stuff on his own, work out some problems."

"Really? How do you know, Melanie?"

"I just do. It's a feeling. Besides, he is one of my best friends in the entire world." Melanie smiled. The smile touched Melanie's eyes. Laughter replaced the seriousness.

Adam could feel her radiance and glow. This was why she was so perfect. She could make something seem so happy, and perfect.

"Let's go get something to eat. I'm hungry," Melanie said.

"Pizza okay?"

"Pizza's fine. Let's go."

They walked out to his car, his arm around her waist.