I can't believe it. Here I am, writing about my faith.

How many people will actually read this and get the sweet aftermath of my words?

Where do I start?

I was born in China, moved to Canada when I was four years old and moved from place to place about four times.

I didn't really become a Christian until I was 10 or so.

What's changed? Everything. I feel fuller in life, have better perspectives on what I am doing and basically, it has been the best experience of my life.

I am not perfect. And I don't want any of you reading this to think that us Christians are.

Okay, the only difference between us Christians and non-Christians is just one thing: we are found, and they are lost.

We are still horrible, horrible people. But we are trying to improve.

One thing is certain: The Will and Ways of God are incredibly hard to compensate.

When I first heard of the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) as one. I was baffled. I thought, "All these people are crazy. How could you all think that 3 separate things can be one?" But I offer a very simple answer to a complicated controversy.

If you asked me, "are you Chinese, Canadian or a student?"

I would answer, "all three."

I do not expect any one to really understand. But if you do, remember that the powers of each are different, yet they are one.

God is amazing.

He has done so many things for me and for those around me. I have been able to feel true love---for the first time. Children think that when their parents are showing their love to them, it's by giving them toys and hugging them everyday.

My parents are awesome. But being a child of GOD. No amount of money could buy that. Think about it.

You have a leader. A protector, a silent witness, seer of the past, present and future, Father, passage to heaven, He controls everything, the way things work out, CREATOR OF EVERYTHING! And best of all, He is utmost faithful, loyal, forgives you for everything you've ever done, giver of all good things. I can never be able to describe Him.

I quote from John: ".in the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God."

The beginning. Wow, we are so feeble minded to even comprehend the thought of something in the beginning all by itself without anything before it.

That is one of the things that separate Christianity from all religions.

You can tell what religions are not real because their beliefs are easy to believe, ideas acceptable and everything is laid out neatly.

But tell me, is life like that?

You can argue with me on that, but please, email me, and take your time to lay out your argument. I really want you to have a fair chance. If you rush and post a hurried angry review, you will miss many of your points.

I am in love with this God.

Love, to many is not what it originally what it was due to the fact that evil has shrouded our very eyes and made us forget what it was.

Love to the majority is lust.

You will never know of love unless God comes into your life.

You will never see heaven, eternal life unless God comes to you.

Remember how when you burnt yourself? Ouch, huh? Well, imagine having your body burned repeatedly, never ending pain.

Burning for eternity.

We can never imagine eternity. So don't even try. I read some where that the will of God and us trying to understand His ways is like digging a small hole in the sand and trying to fill it with the waters of the sea.

But imagine living with this almighty God.

Let me give you a break and tell you of some of my experiences.

And let me start off like this: There are no such things as coincidences. There never were and there never will be.

I was about 13 years old and was in that age of flirting with boys, discovering mascara and makeup, hanging out with posses and challenges with guarding your reputation everyday. I had came back from a lesson in my Sunday school and we learned that if you don't understand something, pray and God will show you.

And I did. I prayed for God to tell me why He had let the devil into the world if He knew what kind of destruction he would cause.

It took 3 days for His answer.

I came home from school and closed my screen and wood door. Between the two, I could see this hideous, black, huge fly flittering around, trying to escape.

I took a fly swatter and came after it, but if would not die. My heart softened unexpectedly, and I got a small bag out to catch it and release it.

As I did, letting it buzz away straight up into the blue sky, something in my mind clicked.

It was frightening. It was scary as if there was some awesome power behind it.

First, it was my voice (I wasn't even talking or thinking to myself, completely captivated by the fly).

"Why did You let the devil out?

Then a strong, wise, divine being voice, so strong and assuring that I trembled with joy.

"Everyone needs a chance."

I fell to the ground and began crying, my messily placed mascara dripping down my face. I began praising him (if you aren't a Christian, the thought of praising someone is pretty hard) and singing songs of joy. I was completely moved. If you need evidence of what God said, read the entire Bible. And you will see.

I am going to stop here and begin a new chapter soon. Please post any comments (fellow Christians, I need your support!) or/and questions either by email or review.