"Take off your clothes now!" a man, about twenty-five years old, ordered. He and the cowering teenage girl were inside an abandoned and relatively small building. The building was hidden from the main activity of town and had not seen usage in at least a decade.

For the past week, he stalked the girl since seeing her working in a diner he frequented. His crime had been a game and nothing new to him since doing the same to six women before. Then once the woman's daily routine locked itself into his memory he waited for the most opportune time to strike like a wolf.

"Please just let me go," the woman begged.

"I'll let you go soon," the rapist said. "You just have to do what I want. Now do it!" He put his finger on the trigger of his gun.

The woman reluctantly and slowly pulled her shirt off. "Good," the rapist said. "Now, your pants."

The woman, still crying, did as ordered. Slowly, she moved her hands towards her blue jeans and, even slower, started undoing her belt.

"Hurry! I don't have all night," the rapist screamed. As he talked, someone suddenly jumped through a boarded up window.

"Let her go," the eerily deep voice said from the shadows. Then, the source stepped out into view. The young man, almost sickeningly pale, seemed almost unemotional.

"Don't come near me, man! Just leave us alone and we'll pretend nothing happened," the rapist said as he pointed the gun at him. Honestly, he had no idea how to react as this had not exactly happened before.

The pale man ignored the order and moved closer.

"Stay away or I'll kill you!" The man still ignored him and moved even closer.

Then the rapist aimed and shot the man. The bullet hit him in the stomach but he still walked towards him as if nothing happened. The rapist fired three more, all hitting him somewhere in his abdomen. Despite this, the bullets didn't so much as phase him.

The rapist backed away until his back was against the wall and there was no where to go. He pointed the gun at the man again as he neared and pulled the trigger.


The man placed his hand over his mouth and gagged. He made a fist and took his hand away and put it out and opened it revealing the bullets. "I believe these are yours," the man said as he let the bullets fall out of his hand.

"Stay away from me!" the rapist screamed.

"I would," the man said with lust in his glowing eyes. "But, I'm hungry."

The man opened his mouth revealing a mouth full of fangs. He grabbed the rapist's head and pulled it tightly to the left. He sank his fangs into the rapist's neck and ripped it apart. Blood poured from the wound as the man gulped what he could down. Seconds later, the man released his grip and the would-be rapist dropped to the floor in a motionless slump.

The man licked what blood he could from his mouth. "Don't worry," the man said to the woman, who was now curled up crying in the corner. "I won't harm you."

As quickly as he came, the vampire disappeared into the shadows of the night wondering when his next victim would arrive..