By:Andrew Troy Keller

There's only one thing that should be said about the type of parties known as raves--there's no way of telling how much trouble one could possibly get into while attending such parties.
Kelly Rogan was one of those who had found that out way too late.
She and her friends,Monica Williams and Bonnie Sue Foxworthy were enjoying the first night of their spring break in Miamii,Florida.
Just then,they had bumped into a woman whose hair was black with a white streak in the middle.
"Excuse me.",said a smiling Kelly."Do you know a great party that we might go to?"
And after a short pause,the stranger had smiled and answered,"As a matter of fact,I do.Would you guys like to come with me to the ultimate rave?"
"Sure!",answered a smiling Bonnie Sue.
"Whoa!Wait a minute,Bonnie Sue.",said Monica,after she had placed her hand on Bonnie Sue's arm."I'm really not so sure about that."
"Oh,come on,Monica.Don't be such an old maid.",said a still smiling Kelly."After all,we're supposed to be having fun.Right?"
And then,after a short pause,Monica had smiled,let out a giggle and said,"Okay,guys.You win.Let's go to the rave."
As soon as they had arrived at the party zone,everybody was having one wild and crazy time.
"Well,girls?",asked the raven haired stranger,after she had placed each of her arms on Kelly and Bonnie Sue."What do you think?"
After they had looked around,both Kelly and Bonnie Sue had smiled and answered,"Cool!"
And after Kelly and Bonnie Sue had gone to join the party,the stranger had looked at the reluctant Monica and asked,"Are you okay,Monica?"
"Who are you?",asked a confused Monica."And how do you know my name?"
"My name is Sabrina.",answered a half smiling Sabrina."And this rave is in your honor."
Meanwhile,at the other end of the room,a confused Bonnie Sue had noticed a trio of party smoking a marijuana joint.
"Hey,baby.Go ahead.",said one of the party goers,after she had handed the joint to Bonnie Sue."Try a hit."
And then,a reluctant Bonnie Sue had took her first puff from the joint--and suddenly became dizzy.
Her head had started to spin and she had started seeing images of all of her friends performing acts of animalistic behavior.
And as the whole room had started to spin faster and faster,Bonnie Sue had became so dizzy that she had fell to the floor and blacked out.
As for Kelly,she was standing in front of a heavy metal rock band and enjoying the music that they were playing,when suddenly,a male party goer had walked up to Kelly with two cups of beer.
"You want a beer?",asked the smiling stranger,while holding one of the cups out for Kelly.
"I'm sorry.",said Kelly,while pushing the cup away from her."But I don't want any."
"Is that really you talking?",asked the stranger,while placing the cup back in front of Kelly."Or are you becoming an old maid?"
And then,after having thought about it,Kelly had decided to not become an old maid and take her first drink of beer.
But after she had done so,the same thing that had happened to Bonnie Sue had also happened to Kelly.
Now,they had no idea as to how long they had been out cold.
But if you were to ask me,it must've been a very long time,for when they had finally came to,both Kelly and Bonnie Sue were shocked to find themselves stripped bare and chained to the wall.
They were more shocked to discover their friend,Monica sitting on some sort of throne and smiling so devilishly at them.
"Monica,what has happened to you?",asked a shocked Kelly.
The answer to that question had came soon enough,for Sabrina had walked over to Monica,placed her hand on Monica's head and yelled,"HEAR ME,MY FRIENDS!LET US WELCOME HOME OUR GUEST OF HONOR,MISTRESS MONICA!"
Like I've said,there's no way of telling how much trouble one could possibly get into while attending such parties.
Just ask Kelly and Bonnie Sue--if you can.