Do you want to see what I am inside?

Do you?

Go on, walk through.

I don't know what this'll mean to you.

I'm taller here

My limbs are longer


My fingers are stretched


A twisted smile is always fixed upon my face

Hair unkempt


I sit in a chair

Or I'm walking

Or worse

I'm screaming

My chair bound by so many wires

Like snakes

Always coiling around my neck

That inclines

Exposing itself

Black gaze fixed upon the visitor

I'm every where here

Even though the monstrosity that dominates my insides

Is right before you

My wolf-like grin widens as the echoing voice announces

'You filth'

I stand

Instincts run rampant through my body

It makes me shudder on the outside

As the feeling races up my physical spine

The song plays on

'You filthy little wretch

walking into my domain'

The voice is always the same




Eliciting a shiver out of me

'Everyone wants to help'

A long finger scolds my guest

'Everyone wants a smile

Wants everyone happy?'

That chuckle

My arms fold


No idea what hell likes to reside here'

The grin almost cuts my face in half

Arms reach out toward the darkened ceiling

'The mind is its own place, and in itself

Can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n.'

I quote

Because in this hell of mine

To me

This is my own heaven

Sharp fragments of glass rain from above

Embedding themselves in the floor

The light plays off them

Illuminating the next to fall


Faces cleaved from the heads

That bloodied the world

In my hell

I've destroyed them all

Broke them

Tore them

And took what identified them from the crowd

Faceless corpses to lie in the hell that is your heaven.

'Do not touch the poisoned children

Eating such toxic fruit

Has left me quite broken

Quite dead

And this'

I throw to you my pale




That I wear outside

'This is not me

You think so?'

Laughter that shook the shards of glass

Rolled out of the cage that is my mouth

'Poor fool.

I don't want to be human

Being a demon is much better in comparison'

'You're dismissed'

I cackle

And you're torn out

Holding the bloody skin of my mask.