Only the brave go,
Where no others know,
Use this map as your guide,
Quicken your stride,
You will see,
According to me,
It will not be easy,
One with sword of silver,
Might survive,
But, I must warn you,
The biggest challenge,
Is staying alive…..

In this land of mystery,
It'll be,
To go,
Your chose,
But not your choice to live or lose,

In order to find the song of the sky,
You must ask I,
She with piercing eyes of green,
Black fur, uneasily seen,
Travel down the path,
And if right you do your math,
She'll be many paces from the mage,
According to I, the sage,
She shall appear,
Hold ready not your spear,
She will do no harm,
A help to one marm.
She will be your lead,
Listen to her and,
Her words you must heed,
But still keep this map in your saddle pack,
Or an important clue you will lack.

Remember, you can run,
But you can't hide,
From the dangerous evil astride,
It lurks around every corner,
Around every bend,
They want to hunt you down,
They'll do it the end.
Unless one with a Sword of Silver
Is lucky to survive,
As I said,
The biggest challenge,
Is staying alive…

Fight your first,
Not your last,
Think deep into your past,
The brother of one,
Where there appears to be no sun,
After tricky moves still,
This one you do not kill,
Here come the Calvary, you shall cry,
Then transform to your regular self in the blink of an eye,
Fire will come to your hand,
Use it only to bring peace to the land,

When traveling on you shall meet,
You will be knocked off your feet,
Do not lose hope, for you shall see,
The evil one shall be a difficulty,
After this fight you must flee,
After fire takes it's course,
Fleeing you shouldn't be remorse,

After meeting with a young girl,
Do not be afraid,
For she shall also aid,

Listen to me and try your best,
The fates will do all the rest,
You will make it, just try,
Will you make it? I don't see not why!

The Shadow Oracle