The Dissappearer

She is cold and alone. No love, no feelings, nothing to postpone. Only despair. No one seems to care. She the dissapearer but they don't understand. They don't bother. They just walk past without giving a damn. She feels trapped in a cage like attatched with strings, stuck on a puppet stage. She knows these things weren't fade. They can't be put in a crate, locked up and shipped away. All she can do is pray. There is an inner debate; to love or to hate. But emptiness takes place, she's a dissapearer and that is her fate. She knows it but tries her hardest not to show it. To just fly away into the cloudy, dark gray, would it cause all the pain and fear to just go away? Would they just go crawl into the depths of a cave? She knows this not but she sets the clock. She hopes and she wishes. It could be soon, could it not? She's a dissapearer, she feels like a knot. She just wanted to be a bird, but I guess that for her was just too absurd. A song is heard. Unnoticed, yet full of light. Comfort grows and her face shines bright. But then nothing, only shadow and silence. Nothing stirs and nothing is heard. She listens and she falls, She's a dissapearer and none can hear her calls. She's stuck in a world of emptiness, full of darkness, full of hurt. But she's a dissapearer, there's nothing she can do to convert. She hears a voice, soft and coarse. She follows it but not by choice. It draws her near but there is no fear. And then like times a before a tear rolls down her cheek. She's alone again and feels so weak. The voice is gone, just like the song. Hopes are dashed. Feelings are dashed. She's a dissapearer. Without love, without hate. Suicidal thoughts take flight. During the night, her life she takes. She had made it through so much strife. That's what the paper said. But was she ever really dead? She is a dissappearer, she has no fear. And when she saw a tear and was loved and called dear. So she lived on. No longer following a song. She never turned backed to the past. So I guess its true, maybe loneliness really can't last. Another dissapearer lives on, she can only hope she can find her own song.