Goodnight Kiss
© 2003 Black Tangled Heart

When you kissed my neck and pressed your hips
against me
The heat was real

And when your name fell from my lips
in a lusty whisper
The passion rose

Beneath your beautiful asphyxiation, your sculpted frame and fiery kiss
The sweat glistened

I cried

You held me, pinching rose quartz arrowheads

Milky breasts and warm caress

Eyes shining into mine in the musty dark
My bare back against
The unforgiving wall

Tongue curving in the hollow of my throat
Sweet salt of flesh in your kiss

Crushed breathlessly in the embrace
Of a poisonous infatuation
Hot breath distilling worries
Until the time came when I pushed you away
In fear of you discovering the blood that lined the inside
Of the pale and quivering thighs you so wanted
To touch

(I would have allowed you to continue
intense kisses, intoxicating touches
had I not feared that a child
would consequently blossom
in my womb)

When heartbeats slowed, we sat
We talked (awkwardly)
and swore to keep
Our encounter a secret
My name would scar your
(I knew this before the first ardent crush of your mouth upon mine)
Regardless of the fact
That you
So craved my body

Inside me the guilt festered
And still it lingers
Green and sickly on my heart
And I wish for nothing more
Than a rough and impassioned
Bitten, bleeding
Venomous kiss
From you