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Silver and Cold
Chapter 4

"See you later hon!" Locke said cheerfully as she got out of the car. She swept down and gave Davey a small yet sweet kiss on the cheek, and with that ran off to her friend's house where she was staying the night, which was only fair. She spent time with her boyfriend and then her friends. Davey by no means wanted to drag her away from her friends, after all.
Davey waited till she was inside the house to pull away and drive home himself. Davey smiled and laughed as he thought about their night together, it had been one of the best yet. He had only been dating Locke for a few months, but he really liked her. He didn't know about loving her yet though, love was such a strong word after all.
She'll never be Lexis though, one part of Davey's head said.
No, she won't, but like the guys said I need to move on. Besides, no one could ever be like Lexis, and truthfully, I don't wish there was someone like her. Answered the other part of his head.
Lexis was one of a kind, wasn't she?
Yeah, yeah she was.
Davey cut off the rest of his thoughts as headlights shone into his eyes. He loved driving late at night (despite the guys' wishes) because there was hardly anyone else out on the back roads he took. It was just him and the night sky, something that he always liked to watch and write about.

It didn't take him long to reach the small house he shared with his band mates, and when he did he saw that just about every light in the house was still on. Walking in the place he found Jade, Hunter, and Adam all stretched out on the floor watching The Silence of the Lambs.
Davey had to laugh at them, for Adam was cracking up at something most people would find absolutely disturbing, Hunter was half asleep on Adam's shoulder, and Jade was looking almost too seriously at the screen with a passive look on his face.
"Hey," Davey said causing Jade to jump. Hunter's eyes snapped open while his head jerked off Adam's shoulder and Adam just continued laughing.

"Thank God you made it back alright," Jade said. "You know it scares me when you drive at night. Well, your driving scares me period, but still."
"You have such little faith in me," Davey said, pretending to be offended. He was used to this mothering by Jade by now.
"No, I have faith in you, just not in your driving," Jade said. He was about to say something else but was cut off by the police officer's screaming as Dr. Lector bit his face as the movie went on, which only caused Adam to laugh even harder.
"Take a seat Dave," Hunter said. "How was your night?"
"It was great," Davey said, trying to avoid spilling any details.
"And Locke's now at her friend's house?" Jade asked, playing the mother again.
"Yeah, and Lord knows what they're doing," Davey joked. "Her and her friends are a little crazy."
"Well it's chill time for you then," Jade said. "We'll probably stay up and watch some more movies, since we have nothing else better to do."
And so they did, they went through A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, and then some random chick flick on TV to settle things down with.
It was now probably about five in the morning, and the guys were passed out on the floor, too lazy to move up into their own beds. They were all pretty much asleep when the phone started ringing. Adam looked around at the other three, and realizing they weren't going to get up, he pushed Hunter off of him and crawled over to the telephone and picked up.
"Hello?" Davey heard Adam say into the mouthpiece. Davey had heard the phone, but hadn't really been in a rush to answer it. He didn't know anyone who would have reason to be calling so early so he figured it was someone trying to sell something.
When Davey didn't hear Adam hanging up on the person, he tried to listen in on what he was saying and figure out who it was. However, this was made difficult due to the TV that was still turned on. Turning over on his other side, Davey glanced at Adam, who now displayed a wide-awake face among many other things. Davey watched as Adam put down the phone and then continue to stand there like a statue. Davey was still watching as Adam looked towards him and let a few tears slide down his cheek. Adam nervously looked away and slid a hand through his hair and gasped for air as he walked over to Davey again. "Adam?" Davey asked. It was a very rare thing to see Adam cry or display his emotions, and the fact that he was scared Davey a lot. "I'm sorry," Adam said, still managing a clear voice. He slid down next to Davey and hugged him before saying: "It was the hospital. Locke's in the hospital." "What?!" Davey shouted and pulled away. "What happened? Is she all right? How long has she been there? When was she brought in? Who brought her in?" By now Jade and Hunter were wide awake and witnessing the scene before them. Davey had gone hysteric in about a second flat. He was now shaking and pulling quite roughly at his hair. "Not again, please, not again," Davey mumbled. He couldn't even cry this time. "Jade! Help me!" Adam yelled as he grabbed Davey's hands and tried to get him to look back at him. It was Hunter, however, who ended up helping as he tried to hold him still. "Davey, Davey listen to me!" Adam yelled frantically. "They didn't give me any details over the phone. We need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible." It was then that Davey finally looked up and met Adam's eyes, and when he did Adam regretted it. Davey wasn't crying or sobbing or in a total wreck, instead he looked purely angry. His eyes showed nothing but hatred toward everything around him "C'mon, let's get in the car," Adam said, his voice finally starting to crack. He pulled Davey up with him, who immediately collapsed against him.
"I'll drive," Jade said in a way so that there was no question. Adam nodded, then picked up Davey and carried him to Jade's car in which he was placed in the back seat. Adam decided he better stay in the back with Davey, which wasn't much of a decision since Davey's hands had Adam's shirt clutched in them.
The ride to the hospital was about twenty-five minutes long. Obviously enough it was in silence, besides from an occasional sniffle. Jade, Hunter, and Adam were the ones who were crying however. They were hardly crying for Locke though; they were crying for Davey. Davey was the one who had to go through the trauma of losing his beloved again, and so they cried for him. Davey had not shed one tear yet.
Poor Dave, Adam thought. The way he looks - he's so angry. I almost wish he'd cry instead of looking that way. This is the second time this has happen. But then again, the guys don't even know yet. I couldn't tell Dave back at the house! I guess I figured it'd be better to wait till we got to the hospital - let the doctor tell him. But then again, maybe I should have told him. It might be easier to hear from one of your best friends. What am I saying? There isn't anything that's going to make this easier! His girlfriend, whom he thought was straight edge, just ODed off of God knows what.
Adam felt fresh, warm tears spill down his cheeks as he looked down at Davey. He was curled up against his chest with his mouth slightly open and his eyes closed. He looked especially pale now and his lips looked dark red.
Adam thought now might be a good time to tell him that everything will be all right and other encouraging messages, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.
Everything might not be all right this time, Adam thought to himself. I just don't see how Dave's going to bounce back this time. He's not going to want to live anymore.
Adam looked sadly out the window as they pulled in the hospital parking lot. Even after turning off the engine, everyone just sat in the car for a moment. Hunter and Jade looked back at Davey, then looked at Adam who hugged him and said:
"Dave, c'mon the doctor's waiting."
With that and a little push, Jade and Hunter helped Davey out of the car and off of Adam. The four then stumbled into the ER and looked around for someone they could talk to.
"Why don't you take him over there and sit down," Hunter suggested. "I'll go talk to the nurse over there."
"Sure," Jade said softly before leading Davey to a chair. It was there that Davey finally opened himself to think about everything.
Adam knows. He knows she's dead. He thought. If she were just hurt the reaction wouldn't have been so drastic. God, I can't believe this is happening to me. I've already lost Lexis, now Locke? Look how Locke's changed me; she's made me a fun loving person. What happened to my serious side? I'm so unlike what I used to be, but it looks like I'm going to be resorting back to that person.
It was then that Hunter returned to the group, mumbling something about a doctor being with them in a few minutes. He also returned to the group with a clipboard full of papers, to which Davey attempted to grab, but failed.
"Don't worry about it Dave," he said, his voice full of sympathy. "I'll do it."
The few minutes that they were supposed to wait for ended up being another fifteen minutes. Hunter had even finished the paper work by the time the doctor showed up and started talking with them.

Three Days Later

Jade softly knocked at Davey's door. Without even waiting for a response (though he knew that there'd be none) he opened the door and let himself in. Davey had not been out of his room since they'd gotten back from the hospital, which they expected. But not only that, Davey had not said one word. He hadn't even said anything when they were talking to the doctor.
"Dave?" Jade said softly. He looked at Davey, who was sitting next to his window watching the sunset.
Jade slowly made his way over to Davey's side and sat next to him silently. He looked down at Davey's lap and saw his lyric book there. It was open to the last page, which was completely filled out to the last line, and the pen laid there in the spine now lifeless.
"I finished it," Davey said speaking of his lyric book. He had not once looked at Jade; he was still staring distantly at the sky. "The sky's hardly a limit, you know?"
Jade was afraid to ask what he meant by that, so instead he brought up the lyric book again.
"You finished it? There was still almost half of it empty before," Jade asked. Is that what he had been doing these three days? Writing new songs? That made sense; song writing is therapy for Davey after all. But it was almost absurd that he had filled almost half of his book on the same topic. "Can I look?" he finally asked when Davey said nothing.
Davey nodded slowly, still not looking at Jade.
Maybe he thinks if he looks at me I'll read his emotions, Jade thought. Maybe he thinks I'll figure out he's trying to kill himself if he looks me in the eye.
Jade angrily thought the last line to himself. Even though Jade had no real evidence that Davey was trying to kill himself yet, suicide was obviously the choice many would make in his situation.
Stop jumping to conclusions Puget! Jade thought once more to himself. Look at the book and see what it says.
With that Jade picked up Davey's book and looked at the last page, the one it was already open to.

Silver and Cold

I came here by day, but I left here in darkness and found you on the way. Now, it is silver and silent. It is silver and cold. You, in somber resplendence, I hold. Your sins into me, oh my beautiful one now. Your sins into me. As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer and I'll beg for forgiveness. Your sins into me, oh my beautiful one. Light, like the flutter of wings, feel your hollow voice rushing into me as you're longing to sing. So I will paint you in silver. I will wrap you in cold. I will lift up your voice as I sink. Cold in life's throws. I'll fall asleep for you. I only ask you turn away. I only ask you turn away as they seep into me, oh, my beautiful one.

"Davey, I-" Jade tried to choke out. Here it was, here was everything.
'Your sins into me'? Jade thought. I guess Dave was just meaning to talk of her doing drugs and how he didn't approve of it. 'I'll fall asleep for you'? I guess he meant there that he would have died for her. Wow, that's deep. 'As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer and beg for forgiveness.' That sounds like he was putting himself in Locke's shoes. The part where he says 'feel your hollow voice rushing into me as you're longing to sing' just means that he's writing this as her voice I guess.
"Dave, wow," Jade tried to think of something to say about it. He didn't want to say it was great; it was just that would sound so impersonal and uncompassionate. So he decided to try to give him some comfort with: "You know I'm always here. We're all here for you. Everything's going to be okay. Just don't give up."
Jade said this as gently as possible as he rubbed Davey's arm. Jade was almost shocked when he saw Davey laughing after he stopped talking. He wasn't laughing a lot, but he was just slightly doing so under his breath.
"Jade," he said, finally looking at him in the eye. "Do you really believe that? Do you really believe I'm going to be alright?"
Jade could only look back at Davey; he knew he didn't want an answer to what he had just asked. The look in Davey's eyes was beyond what Jade would have expected. He expected sadness, anguish, agony, regret, sorrow, torment, and distress among other things. Instead he saw something that was knowledge beyond human emotion. It was like Davey knew something about emotion no one else knew.
"Davey-" Jade started but was cut off.
"Jade, if you don't mind I'd like to be alone now," Davey said still smiling. He had turned away again to look back at the sunset.
"Are you sure?" Jade asked. After a minute of ignorance he left the room, a little angry with his best friend. He then looked for Hunter and Adam, and upon finding them in the kitchen with coffee said: "I think we need to really keep an eye on Dave. We need to be with him; make sure he's alone too much."
"Why? I mean, he needs his space for a while to recover," Hunter said.
"I'm worried about him," Jade replied.
"But why do we need to be with him all the time? Jade? You don't think he's trying to kill himself do you?" Hunter asked again looking back and forth between Jade and Adam.
"I think he might," Jade said. "I'm worried about it."
Jade looked solemnly at Hunter and Adam before adding:
"Tonight I think we should all have another movie watching marathon. It'll be an excuse to be with him."
"Okay," both Hunter and Adam said.
But what they didn't know was what Davey was thinking or doing right then. What Jade didn't know was that he should have starting his policy right then, instead of coming down stairs to tell Hunter and Adam first.
Because the fact was, Davey had now broken open his window and was sitting on the edge of it looking ahead at the horizon. He was sitting there trying to figure his limits; he was sitting there with a piece of broken window in his hand.
Davey laughed. He laughed and couldn't stop laughing. There really weren't really that many limits; but there were a lot of choices.

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