Tears of the Goddesses

Chapter 14


It has been exactly three days since the group had arrived at the Blue Spring Temple. Sorrela, also known as the White Lady, the head of the temple, had given them individual rooms to stay for a week till Elweyn recovered from his poisoning.

The poison Elweyn was struck with was a kind that is very difficult to cast a healing spell on, said one of the healers. The poison seeps deep into the flesh, going more and more down. If the healers didn't act quickly, the venom would enter his blood stream in two days then he will slowly die. This poison isn't ordinary snake poison, but one made from black magic, announced another healer.

Galanthar lay quietly, dressed in sky blue robes of the temple while his clothes were being washed. He was bathing in the wind atop a small mountain beside the temple. He closed his hazel eyes, taking an inhale of the fresh alpine air. It was almost a dream. The scent of flowers engulfed Galanthar like a cloud. Silently and unnoticed, Dregory walked by, carrying a basket of Maya's just cleaned clothes. Galanthar opened his eyes, sensing someone was near.

"Dregory! Hello! Come!" Galanthar called from afar. Dregory walked at a moderate pace towards Galanthar, also dressed in the robes of the temple. His skin was cleaner and the cuts and bruises were gone. The springs of the temple, of course, Galanthar thought. These springs had the power to regenerate energy and heal external wounds. Dregory took a seat next to Galanthar, and started folding Maya's clothing.

"Don't worry about that, take a rest, enjoy the view," Galanthar told Dregory. Dregory stopped his work and stared out at Manith, which lay below the mountain. Galanthar ran his fingers through his glittering, light brown hair, "Heh, you don't need to listen to me if you don't want to, I'm not your master, I'm your friend."

Dregory's lips curved slightly in significance to a smile. Galanthar returned the gesture with a grin and pat on the back. Both males stared out at the scenic view, clouded by the sweet, floral fragrances.


"Master, I have succeeded!" Bharat said quickly, as he slithered quickly through the misty, many mirrored room.

"Excellent. Has the elf died yet?" said the ghostly, cloaked hologram of Gaforiz.

"...You wanted him dead?"

"Yes, is he?"

"I...um...don't know..."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I never waited till he was one hundred percent dead. But he did faint, master!"

"I guess that must do for now. Good work, but next time, dead, or you don't get your reward."

"Yes master."

"Now, you have done your job, where is Angerona? Angerona!" A slender, blue figure appeared on a mirror. Slowly, details formed, and the woman walked out of the mirror. She was dressed in her powder blue dress robes and her crystal wreath.

"Yes master, you called?" Angerona bowed. A tinge of annoyance was in her voice.

"Bharat, your own partner, has done such a lovely job. You, on the other hand, have done nothing! You better make it up to me somehow, or your head will be hung by your hair on the bridge between Blue Springs and Manith!"

"Yes master, I will work on something right away." Angerona walked away after a bow and disappeared through one of the misty mirrors.


The healers took a roll of dried leaves and crushed it into a mixing bowl. They added crystal blue water from the springs out back and it formed a thin paste. The final ingredient was the petal of an Archefloron flower. The lavender and mint colored petal melted into the paste like a block of metal in a lava pool. Mixing it slowly, the healers muttered the words of a healing prayer to their goddess, Hygeia, of health. The healers, dressed in fine robes that wavered like a gentle breeze, motioned over to the unconscious body of a young elf dressed in white.

"His wound has toned down, sisters. This medicine might cure his poisoning. We must apply is quickly and carefully," said one of the healers, a Wilder Elf woman. Taking the soft brushes made from gryphon feathers, they applied the healing paste over the closed wound of where the bite had been. The purple toned bruise in his skin was still present, but gradually going away with time. They wrapped the paste-covered area with a thick, cloth bandage. The healers circled around him and channeled their power of health towards the elf. As they chanted, his skin lightened up from a fuchsia colored zone to a sparser lavender region. "It worked, however it didn't work hard enough. Sisters, repeat steps three, four, and five. This time I'm positive it will work," said the elven healer in charge. The healers all began to crush leaves in bowls, adding spring water, and the magical Archefloron petals.

"Oh dear, I have no more water," a young healer replied. She quickly bolted out the door to the springs to fill her pitcher.


Running through the lush, hill grass, the young healer girl was as quick as she could be. The breeze had a chill and it made her long, black hair waver in the air like waves in the sea. She looked at her pale complexion in the oddly still waters. She dunked her pitcher in the spring, feeling an unusually cold feeling in her hands.

Sighing, she ran back to the building. She looked down at her water, dropped the pitcher in shock. Looking down at it once again, the water had frozen.


The wind instantly chilled. The sky and rocks shifted to an eerie blue- gray, like cold and death. Gently tumbling down in the wind, a tiny snowflake fell. It was like a series of miniature ice crystals forming a web of cold and beauty. Following the snowflake was another, just as cold and beautiful. A third stumbled down quickly, then a forth. Snowflakes started descending in groups. They bunched up together, forming larger, heavier snowflakes. Soon, those larger flakes bunched together into plummeting spheres of ice. The snowballs fell strongly onto the mint green grass, freezing it with its white, perpetual cold.

A six-foot shard of ice streaked swiftly through the air like an arrow. It struck the highest tower of the Blue Spring temple, piercing the well- crafted, blue stone roof. All of a sudden, the crystal shard shattered into hundreds of pieces revealing the figure that was encased within. Silky, black hair with streaks of silver. Porcelain skin as white as the snow that fell. Eyes so cold and deep, as the blue of the ice. A crystal wreath atop the woman's head glowed brightly. The powder blue robes wavered wildly and fierce in the icy breezes around her. She took a step forward, and a gigantic snowball materialized within her palms. Angerona raised her arms, holding the snowball, and whirled it towards the river of healing waters. Instantly, the river froze and formed a lush of large, jagged ice crystals. With a snap of Angerona's delicate fingers, the wind blew down onto the land, instantly freezing everything, coated in pure white snow and ice.

"Freeze! Everything freeze! This mountain will die. I will be rewarded greatly by master Gaforiz!" Angerona whispered to herself. She giggled mischievously and then silenced herself when she saw six healers run out. The healers found the healer that was sent to fetch a pail of water shivering in a curled up position by the doors.

"Now to freeze the inside of this temple and those five travelers that Gaforiz wants stopped!" She jumped down from the high tower onto a low, flat roof. She looked around for a secret entrance she could use. Finally Angerona spotted an open window that led to an empty room. She climbed into the room, the window being large, and stood in the center. She took a deep breath in then she exhaled her breath as extremely cold air. The room froze rapidly, freezing more and more and the frost extending outwards, which would soon consume the entire building.

As Angerona walked out, she stopped in her path as she spotted something. Hanging from the marble walls, where two large, stone tablets. The writing was in Elven, the swirls and fine lines. At the very bottom of the second tablet was a caption written in the common language.

"You are frozen when your heart's not open."