kyle Watson going to Mexico

hey come on, it's not too far
of course you know you run
the miles of the moon in a weekend
even just with your dogs staring
tiredly up at your eyes and you like
oranges I know you do you like
them with a terrible kind of smile,
the one you use on weighttraining
and cedar mud but it's really not
that far, it's the same song as the
one you switched off driving through
the sudden squall of first-
spring rain and it's all right really,
I was listening the whole time and I can
render every winking verb to your
own brand of manic running and hey
come in it's not too far and I am laughing

because you do not
love me and I do not
love you and you do
not love the diner marquees and I
do not love the rain blanketing the

and I do not love how hot I gets in the summer
but we can run of course and you can
overpay the dazzling gas prices, the
multilingual methods of indifference, staring past
the tenses out to the southern windows