Walking down the hall, she paused a moment before one of the examination rooms where the children were tested and studied according to their various abilities. A little boy was being told to pick out the shape and color of a card that the doctor was currently looking at on the other side of a black partition. "Blue Triangle. Red Square. Red." The boy's words faded off as he suddenly looked up in the direction of the hallway. The glass was crafted of one-sided mirror. Spectators from the hall could look in, but those inside could not look out. As the doctor started to question the boy on why he stopped, all of the room around the child faded away. He found himself face to face with Violette in pitch black. She was garbed in a flowing white gown and her ebony hair floated around her. She smiled at the child and tilted her head slightly, her lavender eyes kind and warm.

"You need to get the children out, Danny." Her voice sounded in the air though her lips did not move. "The doctor will let you go back to quarters. Gather the children and take them out of the East exit. Do not stop for anything and make sure they are all safe. You have fifteen minutes, Danny. Do not fail me and make sure you are far away from the compound. The guards will not bother you in a few minutes. Hurry!" As the darkness and the woman faded back into the normal surroundings, the boy felt Violette walk down the hall. The doctor in charge looked at him quizzingly, "Danny, you might wish to go take a rest right now. You don't look so good and we can continue with this at a later time." The boy nodded and got to his feet, starting down the hall towards the living quarters. As he entered the section where the children were being held, he quickly round up some of the older kids to help carry out and guide the younger children. No one stopped to ask him why they were leaving.


Stepping into the simulator room, Violette smiled at Dr. Potter. The head of the research facility, he worked under government grant with children in order to try to prove that psychic ability could be trained by inducing the dormant part of the brain that held those abilities into action. The hope was that further studies of how the brain worked could further the advance of medicine for tumor and head-trauma victims. So far his research had gone as planned.
The children would come in once every six months for an overnight examination while at home the parents would run a half-hour session every day in order to push the limitations of the brain. Most typically, this would involve the color-card trick. Younger children would be told to try to see which card it was the parent was looking at. As they progressed successfully, this training would move on to shapes, and eventually, numbers, colors, shapes, and all sorts of other media material mixed together. The children were all given numbers as they were brought into the program. Some dropped out due to unsuccessful trials, and others due to the desire from their parents to no longer continue with the program. Either way, it was both safe for those involved, and quite acceptable to the local community.
This was not the reason why Violette hated the good Dr. Potter.
The files in her possession damned him and brought down all of the work he had done that was good and ethical. All of the children in the facility had been dropped from the program in their mid-teens or sooner with the exception of herself, Tamera, and Jaydn. A fact that was suspiciously unusual. The three were all within two years of age to each other. All three were considered geniuses and advanced psychics. All three had abnormal strength, speed, and agility. All three were orphans taken in by the good doctor and raised their entire life in the facility under his strict care and direction. They were the only three. For all of the other children, he insisted upon well grounded and parented subjects that would look at these lessons and the visits as a mere annoyance in their daily lives that would pass and hopefully save someone's life in the future. As she stopped, Violette's eyes darted to Jaydn. He was two years older than her and had become quite annoying and ardent in his pursuit of her since he physically turned thirteen. She did not blame him much. She was the only female his age besides Tamera. Moreover, she would not wish that witch upon anyone. She was spoiled, cruel, and jealous of anything that did not belong to her. Like her toys when she was younger, she wanted Jaydn only so long as she could not have him. Once she got her own way, she would toss him aside and look for something new to play with. A better word suited her lifestyle. Shallow. As if sensing her thoughts, Tamera scowled in her direction and latched onto Jaydn's arm, much to his annoyance. Violette chuckled softly until the doctor walked over to her with a wide grin on his face. "Nice to see you in such good humor today, Vi. I take it that pleasant thoughts are what put that sparkle in your eye." His pointed glance in Jaydn's direction caused her almost to roll her eyes in exasperation. He had been pushing their match since Jaydn first took interest in her and he would quickly remove any other boy from the program that she had taken a romantic liking to, including two of his own doctors.

She had not understood this concept until she ran across those damnable files eight months ago. The first two months she spent in morning, the second two in contemplation, the third three and a half in assembly, and these last two weeks in launching. It was time to show that bastard of a doctor that when you play God, your creations are more than likely to jump out and slit your throat. Especially when created through ill will and skewed intentions.

"Well then, what we have scheduled for today implies." Tamera zoned out as Dr. Potter went over the plans for today's simulation. Her gaze, instead, rested upon Violette. Jaydn had dropped her arm quickly after she latched onto him and he was seemingly paying attention. Violette, on the other hand, was busily scanning the area. It seemed that she was looking for something, or perhaps memorizing where things were located. Suddenly, the alarm went off. The red emergency lights overhead started blinking, and the sprinklers turned on, flooding the place with water. The doctors rushed about and quickly tried to cover their equipment and computers before it thoroughly soaked everything and valuable information and research was lost. Amid all of this chaos, Violette stood calmly. She walked over to one of the side panels and typed in a code and the sprinklers turned off as the door to the simulation room electronically locked. "What the hell is going on here, Vi? You obviously have something to do with this if you could turn the system alarms off without authorization in an emergency situation." She looked at the doctor, impassive as she took a step closer to him. "Vi? Why are you looking at me like that? Stop this fooling around and tell me what the hell is going on!" Violette smirked at him. "Potter, Potter, Potter. You have been a very bad little boy. Did you really think that I would not find out the truth? You gave me this intelligence yet you did not think that I would use it. Part of being human also means wanting to know where you came from, who you are." The doctor's face paled greatly as he listened to her speak. His assistants in the room froze as well, puzzlement coloring their features as expectant eyes moved in his direction. "Violette, I am warning you. Do not push this issue. You and I can have a nice calm talk about this in my office. I am sure whichever disgruntled worker here told you that ridiculous tall tale you are alluding to was merely pulling your leg. Trying to play with your mind and manipulate you against me." Jaydn and Tamera looked at her with curiosity. For once, there was no hostility or unwanted emotion in their gazes. They looked to Dr. Potter with questions in their eyes. "No, Potter.", he blanched more at the lack of respect in her tone, "I did not get my sources from a disgruntled worker. Rather, from one of your assistants twenty-two years ago that botched up a tape deletion." Violette reached over and pushed a button on the control panel, the speakers starting to blare out a recording. "August 1998. Dr. Potter, your wife is having serious complications with the pregnancy. Should we terminate and start over?" "No, I want that child delivered. Cut her open if you have to. Just deliver that child!" "Charles, please, no! It hurts so much!" "And shut her up if that screaming and crying gets to be too much for you, Trudy." "Doctor, I see the head, she is crowning." "Good." As indecisive screams filled the speakers, all eyes were on Dr. Potter. He started to inch toward a side table, his eyes darting to the tray of tranquilizers they sometimes needed incase heartbeat rose too sharply while on the simulator. "It was successful, Doctor. You have a healthy baby girl." "Excellent." "Doctor, what about the woman?" "Dispose of her." "John, please, Oh God. John, no. Please, let me have my baby, God, what did you do? John, please. Please let me have her. John!" "John! Please. No. JOHN!" "John, please. John." "It is done, Doctor. I will remove the body now and send it down to the lab for testing." "Time of Merissa Potter's death; 6:42 A.M." As static filled the speakers, Dr. Potter lunged for the tranquilizers. Violette moved faster than him and in a split second, he was pinned up against the outside wall of the simulator. "You bastard. you sick, demented bastard!" Her own voice flooded over the speaker system. "You killed my mother. You murdered her because she had known what I was. She knew what you were up to." The assistants stood there in horror as they watched Vi's hand creep around his throat to start choking the life out of him. "After I found that clip I started digging. I found the files you kept. The experimental records stating what the hell we are made out of. The birth certificates created for us, the donor parents you created us from. However, I was the only one with your genes, the only one you decided to corrupt with your own blood. You messed with my DNA to create a super- strain of human then murdered your wife and my mother when she found out what you had done to her baby girl. Did she know that you drugged her and implanted me inside of her when she was out, or did you just let her assume that you had scrambled your own child?" As she spoke, his face started to turn blue from lack of oxygen. "And when she tried to run away, you had her restrained until I was born. In your own sick mind, I was your child. I was not mixed in a test tube like the others. I would not come out with half of an arm, or missing an eye. You murdered thousands of failed children with your experiments and my mother's life. 1147. the number of successfully created infants you mixed up. Look how many of those are standing here breathing today. Not to mention embryos and other steps along the way of life you destroyed as failures. You are a monster. not fit for existence." As the room stood in stunned silence, the assistants finally moved in, the doctor's body convulsing as it struggled vainly for air. "Go to hell. father." A sickening crack sounded through the room and she dropped his form, his neck dangling at an odd angle. She turned to look at the assistants as they sprang for the tranquilizers. She knocked the tray over, scattering syringes across the floor. "I would not try it unless you want to go join the bastard." She walked to the door and pushed the panel, the doors unlocking. "You have five minutes to get out before the entire facility no longer exists." With that, she calmly started walking out of the room.

It was chaos as Tamera and Jaydn made their way out. People were running back and forth, trying to gather up their things instead of saving their pathetic lives. Tamera's thoughts settled on the conversation she had just heard. Altered DNA? This is something she would have to talk to Violette about. She glanced to Jaydn, the cold look on his face frightening. She had to have some answers before this was through.


Jaydn watched Vi make her way out. She walked over to Dr. Potter's jeep and stuck a key in the ignition, starting up the engine.