This used to be on my bio page. The vampire is Naiyla, my muse. Ain't she sweet? ;) Reviews would be nice as well. ;)
In the smog and the grime you can see a figure, a slender figure, that, possibly like you, should not be out at this time of night to fall prey to the cities dangers. A silhouette is seen in the streetlight as the figure turns. Your feet walk you closer though your senses are warning you that there is something wrong. The hairs on the back of your neck tingle and you feel goose pimples rise on your flesh as you near her.

For the stranger is a she, and her eyes are a hard, ruby red that glint and shine a million shades of blood back at you. As she slowly smiles, you can only freeze, for she has delicate feline fangs that label her a vampire.

To late to run, you think, but amazingly you manage to get away as she stands and laughs at your mortal ways.

Rounding the corner you think that you have made it. But it is not to be so. She is there in front of you.

"Why are you here?" she asks, her voice containing the emptiness of the abyss that glares back at the nosy ones, the rot and decay of the dead leaves that swirl at the uncaring humans feet to then stick to the pavement in the missal and the rain.

"I- I-" She is laughing at you, and you can not even do more than stutter. You are in danger of dying, and you can do no more than try and breath.

"Well, while you're here." She comes for you, like a graceful, dancing tiger that would eat you and have all your warm, fragile mortal body has to give. She nuzzles sensuously at you neck, and you can not even feel the pain of sharp, razor teeth slashing through your neck.

You die, staring at stars, beyond the smog and the earth dreaming of a different ending, a better day until this ending takes you, and you are no more.

Chuckling, the vampire goes on, her cold, burning hunger never satisfied or sated. Her leather jacket billows in the breeze as it seems to melt and meld into a black bird that claws its way to where the thermals are to soar gracefully and deadly.

But surely that is just a trick of the light...?