Cohort of the ages

Aah subordinate fiend Whose eyes are like flames burning in the pits of hell Deft to the trials of normality I watch as you ponder wasting your lives away.

You slave after your master Bowing to its every whim and in return whipped and spat upon but still you grovel craving blessing from a being so far removed you see only its shadow reaching across the boundary of ages to be spoken of and worshiped like something new to the world a world it has so long ago forsaken and cast into the bowels of time to decay and be forgotten like many dreams and memoirs of a strange reality spun of lies.

Your head hangs low with age Your back bowed in prayer and yet you toil you strive to stay true to a being who has no recollection of your many prayers no thoughts of your wasted days years lives and yet to teach your children to be as you a follower of a dead sect a servant to one whos bones have long ago returned to earth Nat Forbes 1-26-02