I gotta unzip be free
Flee this world
of false visions
of people just like me
rushed decisions brought me here
so I gotta get my mind clear
stay calm stay calm
my heart goes wild
don't cry don't cry
whimpering like a small child
dashing through the streets
blood shot eyes blank stares
s'all I meet

I drop to my knees
Oh take me now
Don't let this be
Iam being chased
pursued by an army
just like me
I see them coming
their eyes just like mine
swinging bats
circus tenants with big hats
imitating me
dislocating my personality
do you know how it feels
to breathe in this filth
lies so thick it clogging up the air waves

Over there I see me
But here I stand
don't cry don't cry
I chant
As the tears course down my face
As the others close in
As ceremony takes place

These are the people ive pretended to be
A banker a lawyer
Champion of the spelling bee
Now I see
My lies are like flies
Buzzin and buzzin
Bugging me

Don't cry don't cry
Whimpering like a small child
Alright alright
I take it back its only me
Didn't mean to tell the world
how grand I used to be
in lives last trials past
might have been true
that's why iam telling you
I see me now
Some how iam rolling with the big dawgs
Flashy gettups on the floor as I get down
Getting more laughs than the circus clown
I see me now coming down the stairs
Emmy in hand as I give silent prayers
Courtroom silent while I got tha floor
Gravels bang as they drag convict out the door
I put him there I swear
keeping streets safe for the kids
just smiling as I do what I did
vanquishing demons or at least I tried to
looking round my cage
I guess that's where I made you
Played you casting spells and such
Going to school ,never learning much
Its tough being me a lil flame
Trying to get just a lil taste of fame
Its all in my head sorry if I let it out
Guess that's what getting on is suppose to be about
There you are super me
Trying to stupor me set me free
So I can forget all this and be just me.
Lil Nat not too short not too fat