Angel with the Broken Wings

I see you every night,

Looking to the sky in awe,

Holding in your hand, a tiny globe of light.

Therefore, I ask you,

Angel with the broken wings,

Why do you walk alone?

Don't you know,

That life on the ground can still be fair?

That seeing the wonders of this earth

From up high in the sky,

Takes away their wonder?

That you can still see those places,

And walk through them,

And touch them.

Don't you know,

There is more to happiness,

Then just being able to fly above the land?

So why, my friend,

The angel with the broken wings,

Do you walk alone?

Is it because you are scared?

Or do you still hold hope,

That one of your fellow angels,

Might see you stranded here, on the ground,

And float down to you, and mend your broken wings?

To that I shall tell you,

A promise I hold dear to my heart,

Nil Desperandum,

Nothing is to be despaired,

Never lose hope.

So I tell you then,

to hold on tight to that star,

And never lose your hope.

I wonder, angel with the broken wings,

may I walk with you this night?