By:Andrew Troy Keller

We had drove to a flea market in Vermillion to do some bumming around,when we had spotted a unique looking bed.
After we had given it a good hard look and saw that there's nothing wrong with it,we had bought it and brought back to our house in Berea.
The following evening,we had invited our next door neighbors,Frank and Mindy Killian over to have a look at our new bed.
But then,as soon as we had walked into the bedroom,we had suddenly started to experience hot flashes and a certain feeling that was just like an itch that was impossible to scratch.
And after we had looked at each other for a couple of minutes,we had stripped down to our bare bodies and began kissing and caressing every portion of our bare forms.
However,little had we known that while we were performing our little sexual romp,the bed had started to glow brighter and brighter.
And then,after we were through with our little sexual escapade,we all had collasped on the bed and tried to catch our breath.
But after I had catched my breath and sat up,I was shocked to discover that Frank,Mindy and my husband,Peter had suddenly disappeared without a trace.
The next day,I had drove out to the same flea market and asked about the bed.
I was shocked to discover that in the middle ages,an evil witch had cursed the bed of a princess,causing it to absorb any and all males unless she agrees to marry the witch's son.