Discovery Chapter Seven

I will never forget how my eldest, strongest, wisest bother took me in his arms, and held me crying silently into my hair. Connor, a face I had never seen a true smile spread across, or his eyes flow with emotion filled tears. He told me he loved me, and he apologized for staying away, for everything. He cried, and begged my forgiveness, told me he wasn't wroth the dirt on my boots, and I will never forget how he smiled wide and true when I took his hands, smiled and said " I love you, Connor." Benen was much different, he too cried, but he only said he'd miss me, and "I'll see you around," and left with a brief hug and kiss on the cheek. He was lying of course, he'd never see me again. We all knew that, and the guard bound my hands and walked me down the hall.

Yes, I will never forget that night, I had only wished to say good bye to Liam, to thank him one last time for every thing, but of course that was like wishing to finish a dream you were awaken from, you'll never get it back. The guard opened a door, and pushed me down the damp, stone steps. It was a chamber, they'd keep me here until they took the rest of the prisoners to The Tower.

Some one had once told me they kept you in the chambers of The Tower for two weeks before the torture started, they would try to make you go crazy, locking you up in a dark room where all you can hear are the screams of the next victim, and in the nights, the cries that came from the cells around you, the cells you couldn't see because of the dark, you'd begin to think it was all in your head. Two weeks without food, or water. You'd have to drink the water that dripped threw the cracked stone ceiling if you were desperate, and I was indeed desperate. The water, if that's what it was, was probably the only thing that kept me alive for two and a half weeks, along with the memory of Leagh. Even now, as they put me in this cart to head off to London, I don't know how I made it. With dirty water to drink, and straw to eat, the filth I lived in, and the rats climbing over me on the nights where I tried to I made it, is unanswerable.

"Miss...You are far too young to be riding to London with us," I noticed an old man, covered in what was either blood or dirt, his fingers had all been chopped off was talking to me. " You must have done something terrible!" I looked at him, locking my eyes with his brown and blood shot eyes.

"C'mon girlie...what'd you do?" Another man spoke up, his face was badly burned, and three of his fingers were missing, the other's had nails stuck in them, and he was missing most of his teeth. "What'd you do?"

"I fell in love." I whispered at length, looking at every one who was looking at me, then looked down at my filthy hands. "I fell in love." and a mummer of voices went around the cart as I went back to my own little world, the cart moved, people shifted and we were off to The Tower of London.

I had heard stories from this place, and many said no one ever got out, not alive any way. The day we arrived, many cast me looks, some of confusion and some...despise. I don't know why, I was just the same as them, in some ways...many here had killed some one, or had become slaves, or some where here because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, they Master didn't care, he enjoyed this torture, this pain., but I soon found out why most looked at me with despise, because I wasn't the same as them. I wasn't going to be tortured in the cruel way they were....I was going to be the Master's little toy. I remember, the day I first saw him, he was thin, tall, pale, dark eyes, dark hair, and very proud of himself. He had that kind of smile, the smile that made you shiver, and the eyes forced you to look away, already he made me feel sick and dirty like I had done something, he made you feel guilty by just looking at you., he made you think some thing was wrong with you by the way he said your name...he was evil. I must have been sleeping when he came, when he first saw me for when I woke up, I was in a dim bed chamber, lying in a bed of blood red blankets. Candle's dancing on the walls, and there he was. Sitting in a chair watching me. I was still in my filthy cloths, my hair a mess, and my hands covered in dried blood and mud. I began to sit up.

"Ah, no, please stay where you." His voice, it was rich, and clever. Hearing it automatically made you feel you were less than him, nothing but the dirt he walked around on. "Please, lay there." I didn't ask questions, and I didn't speak, I lay back down, and watched him.

"You can go back to sleep if you want, I don't bite," he chuckled a little. "Hard that is," and he smiled. I stared at him, my green eyes memorizing his face. "Or you can stare at my wonderful face, you'll see the rest when you're well rested. I'm surprised you're a live, most don't make it past the chamber. How'd you do it? Pray?" he waited, to see if I was going to answer, and when I didn't he moved on. "Silent type are you? Well...I'm sure I can change that, you'll be screaming for more, moaning when I touch you....ah, yes you'll be wrapping your legs around me, and I will scream for mercy and in turn I'll fuck you so hard you'll cry for it, beg of me." I blinked, but only looked at his face, not showing any emotion or thought, his words hadn't hurt me, hadn't phased me...he would do what he wanted, and if I tried to stop him, he'd kill me. Maybe...that would be a good idea, let him kill me. That thought never lasted long when ever it jumped into my head, Leagh was always the next thing on my mind, and that forced me to stay, and do what he pleased of me.

At some point, I must have fell asleep, and in that time he, or a maid, must have cleaned me up. Gave me a new dress, tried their best to wash my hands hand face and do something with my messy curls. He must have, he was now lying next to me, a still smile on his face. I eased my way off the bed, and walked in my silent way to the window. "Not much of a site is it?" I slowly turned my head, and looked at him. " wouldn't expect one...specially here." he continued. I began to get the idea, he liked to hear himself talk....a lot. "Breakfast?" I nodded, then looked back out the window. "Are you going to join me?"

"If you like," I said, and I could feel him smile.

"A few words out of you, that's an improvement." he stood from the bed, revealing his naked body, I looked around the room, and then at him.

"Would you like me too?" I asked, he was good looking, but Leagh was so much more beautiful, oh how I wished to touch her again.

"Why yes, of course, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to come....err, your name?"


"Rivkah? Gorgeous, let me dress then we go." I nodded.

I had only eaten toast, and had a few cups of tea, I had watched him more than I had ever watched any one, he was interesting, but evil. He talked most of the time, I nodded, and acted like I was paying attention, he was so full of himself. A loud painful moan kind of a scream filled the hall and we could hear it in the dinning room, I turned and stuck my head around the tall back of the chair, looking at the door.

"Ah yes, the day has begun. You'll hear a lot of that while you're here....I,"

"How long will that be?"

"Hmm, until I am bored with you. Hand me the jam please," a servant, shaking from either fear, or because now it was normal gathered the four different jams and knifes and walked over to Torrance, his Master. "Choices...the honey one, " the shaking man nodded, and began to jam up his toast, he dropped the knife jam splattered over the table, Torrance jumped up from his chair, and hit the man in the back of his head. "Can you not do one thin right Floyd? What can you do right?" he paused a moment as if waiting for Floyd to answer, "That's what I thought, not a god damn thing!" he hit him again, and Floyd fell the floor, and began kissing Torrance's boots. "Get up you fool, you aren't even qualified to lick the shoes of her," he said motioning towards me. I shrugged and took another bite of my toast. Torrance sent me an unreadable look before yelling at Floyd. Floyd hurriedly left the dinning room, still apologizing. "I'm sorry you had to witness that, Rivkah." I looked up from my toast and nodded.

"I've seen it enough, no need to apologize." I brushed the crumbs off my hands and lap and started on my last cup of tea. "After you've finished....I'd like to walk that all right?" He looked at me for awhile and finally answered.

"I'd much rather you didn't, not quite yet. You will go to the bed chamber, there's also a library down the hall, and I'll walk you around later." I nodded, what was I expecting? Him to let me walk around this torture palace? His little kingdom?

He took me back to the chamber, were I took a bath, dressed once again and went back to bed. I needed sleep, I needed to be away from it all, and I wanted to be with Leagh. How was I suppose to protect her of I was in here? I thought....if I could walk around, I could get out...some how, I should have known he would have caught that. I stared at the ceiling, or I thought I was, the room was so dark. I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep, hearing the screams below.