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The Loss Of The Shirt: George Lucas had a rule on the set of Star Wars: don't be late. If you were in fact late 7 days in a row, not including weekends, the three main roles or in this stories case 2 main roles, would come into your apartment/house and would drag you out of your bed.

And of course, being Mark Hamill, he was the first one to be late 7 days in a row.

When Carry Fisher, Harrison Ford, and George Lucas went to go drag Mark out of bed on that seventh day, their was no were to be sign. They looked every were him. Carry, who had always paid attention to Marks stories on the set, noticed that his stories were always the same, "I was at the dentist"

So, knowing where he more than likely wasn't, they went to his new dentist's office. When they were there, Harrison asked the secretary (I don't know what they're called at a dentist's office) if Mark Hamill or his dentist Dr. York was there.

"Oh you won't find them here Mr. Ford," she giggled for a few moments and spoke again, "Marilou never comes in early scene she got that mysterious new boyfriend of hers." She giggled some more and looked at the celebrity's in front of her. Expecting more information then that, every one was silent for a little wile.

"Ok then, how long has she had this "Mysterious New Boyfriend" for?" asked Carry knowing that Harrison was to nice to inquire her any further.

"Oh, I would say about a week" she answered putting on some lipstick.

"Meaning 7 days?" asked George, trying to decide weather to be angry with the young actor, or to smile.

"Well yeah, 7 days normally equals a week," said the woman behind the desk, she put away her lipstick and looked around them to see if there was any one behind the two actors, and one director no one was.

"Do you know where they are?" asked Carry.

"Well of course I do, they're probably at her apartment," she stopped her and giggled, "What's with the 20 questions any way?" she said sticking a peace of gum in her mouth and chewing quite loudly.

"Could by any chance tell us where the apartment is?" asked Harrison, rather timidly. " I suppose I could, might cost you though." she looked at Harrison, to Carry and then finally to George, "I want one penny from each of you, and I want to meet her mystery boyfriend."

They all looked at her, shocked that it would only coast 3 cents, and a name that she should have already guessed by now. They all got out a penny and handed it to her, she told them where the apartment was, and how to get there the fastest.

When they arrived at Marilou's apartment, they could hear the sounds of the apartment.

A voice that they all could recognize as Marks was talking, "Oh man! I'm going to be late again! George is going to kill me! I can't find my shirt!" (Note to friends at S.M.S: I know I didn't put in the other line-y thingy but I kind of played with the dialog the way I told you guys)

A more soothing voice answered the panicked one of Mark Hamill's, "Well its not as if he's going to skin you alive if your late. again?"

"I don't know, I wouldn't put it past him.ah ha! My.sock.damb" said Mark, sounding a little put down.

There was the sound of a female laugh, silence, then, foot steeps nearing the door. Silence again, then Marks voice again, "Ok, I really have to go now sweetheart"

The next second, Mark Hamill ran right into George Lucas's arms. He hadn't found his shirt, but he had found an undershirt.