The Shrink:

After Marks car crash, his girlfriend (and soon to be wife), told him that he should go to a Psychologist. He went, but not willingly, at least not from what I have read.

When he arrived at this world class Psychologist, he sat down on a cushiony couch. When his name was called, he didn't move for a minute, then got up and walked into the room where the "shrink" was.

The psychologist looked generally happy to see him. He had gray hair, a beard, glasses, and talked in a funny accent. He looked like exactly what he was it, like out of the movies.hmmm. Intreging .

The psychologist smiled at him and told him to sit and what his name was. Mark stared at him, every so often, twitching.

"Now Mr. Hamill, you are here today to talk about your problems," he looked at Mark, who was glaring at him. "Ok then, we will try a little hypnosis shall we?"

He took out a gold watch with a chain and said, "You are getting sleepy, very, VERY sleepy. When I snap my fingers you will fall asleep when I snap my fingers a second time, you will tell me every thing about your childhood." He snapped his fingers together once, and Mark's head fell down on his shoulder. He snapped his fingers together a second time and Mark looked at him and said eight words:

"How am I supposed to remember my childhood?" then he leaned back on the open couch, and fell backwards onto the floor. And learned a lesson: there are NO backs to Shrinks couches!

"Are you alright Mr. Hamill?" he asked, standing up and looking down at his 'fallen' patient. Mark grunted and hoisted himself onto the couch yet again. Seeing that he was ok he took out ink blanches.

"Ok Mr. Hamill what do you see here?" asked the psychologist.

Marks eyes got wide and he said, "A car crash."

The Dr took some notes on that and asked what the second card looked like Mark said, "A BIG car crash with flames and torment and a wrecked career" his eye twitched at this, the Dr put the ink blanches away and said.

"Well Mr. Hamill, it is quite plain to see, you are afraid of getting into another car crash and wrecking your career as an actor."

"You got that out of what I just said? No not me never me.I'm not afraid of any thing" "Ok then one more test then we will put our suspicions into practice. Now what I'm going to do is say a word and you will say the first thing that comes to your mind understood?" "Yeah" "Dog": P "Cat": Mark "Luke": P "Skywalker": Mark "Commitment": P "Trust": Mark "Father": P "Idiot": Mark "Car": P "Crash": Mark "Pain": P "Flames": Mark "BMW": P "Bringer of Death and pain and suffering": Mark "I thought that I said only words Mr. Hamill," said the shrink a little annoyed.

"I dislike rules," answered Mark.

"Well I think I have figured out the problem," he said, and without waiting for the response he continued, "you dislike your father, you believe that trust is commitment-"

"What's wrong with believing in that?"

"Nothing it is actually extremely healthy, but let me finish," yet again he continued to talk without hearing the remarks from Mark. "You love your role as Luke Skywalker, and the last and most obvious, is that your scared of your old car."

Mark looked at him and shook his head, "Well thank you caption obvious! I'm so glad that I came now! I'm scared of my old car that lost me a job, which I wanted to louse, that doesn't matter! I can't believe that I'm paying for the crap!"

He got up to leave, when the Dr stood up and hugged him from behind, Mark looked at him. "Sorry, I don't swing that way," and he pulled him self out of the clutches of the strange man.

"Come with me Mr. Hamill, we are going for a little drive," said the Dr.

Marks answer to this was sarcastic; "you're not going to DO any thing to me right?"

Back parking lot In the parking lot in the back where the people that work there parked was a BMW. Mark was avoiding the car even though the Shrink was pushing him towards the car. He opened the door and pushed Mark inside.

Mark was sitting there horrified. And the shrink handed him the keys he looked over at the passenger set were he was sitting. Marks eyes got wide with fear he never took the keys he jumped clean out of his set, and climbed out the car window. When he stood up he look out his wallet and grabbed a 100-dollar bill and a one and threw it into the cars open window:

"I owe you 100 for the 'help' and a one for the tip, have a nice life!"