A Fairy Tale Ending, Before It Began. Written by: Canis Phantom

Please note: The following are the real thoughts and emotions of the author and were put up for the exclusive purpose for people with compassion in their hearts to identify with and perhaps keep in mind; fairy tales DO end.

I sat on the floor in the darkness of my room. The door stood ajar but not enough light came through the crack to shine my reflection in the colossal mirror across from me. No one could see me cry. I didn't want anyone's support, or pity. I was alone in this, I was the one cursed and no one could repair what had never happened. You can't bring back things that never were in your grasp to begin with.

For the shining moments that I thought things were going right, I couldn't have been happier. It's a circle of luck as Shakespeare put it. Some days you're high, and others you aren't. I had never wanted anything like this. I had spoken about it with friends, and it sounded like one day it would truly be very fun. I didn't realized how much I was truly intrigued by the idea, until it came to a snapping end.

He had thought of me first, and suggested the idea to my friends. They were all just as excited for me, and I was for myself. I wanted to be that fairy princess to descend the spiral staircase and be met by prince charming that would stare in awe. My dream seemed to be coming true, and the spiral staircase was rolling a red carpet out for me to walk upon. Prince charming was applying the last details to his suit, and I, the princess was taking a long bath with lilacs and rose-petals.

But moths ate through the carpet. The prince's suit had ink stains. And the lilacs and roses melted away. It was an ending to a fairy tale that had never begun. All I had wanted, all that I truly asked for, was gone, in one sentence. It was never meant to be. Now I sit in my room, with the door slightly ajar, and the light seeping in and loosing itself to the darkness before anything can be seen.

It was as though Cinderella never found her fairy godmother, Snow White never met the seven dwarfs, and Sleeping Beauty had never been cursed. It was Belle, marrying Gaston. It was Jim Hawkins never getting the map. Romeo and Juliet never met at the party. It was Frodo, never getting the ring. It was everyone's dreams, dying before it was formed. All in one moment, all in one instance, all in the same.

Who would have thought? But, we can never fix what was never in our grasp to begin with.


To Whom It May Concern:

This is a factual account of a day in the life of Leona O. Ardulov. The feelings are fully accurate and the heart was truly hers. If one were to read this on any commonplace day, they would skim it, review what they thought, state how good it was and move on. I ask for you to review this [and perhaps re-read this] on an unusually mediocre day.  And put down your true feelings and emotions as I have. For reading what your heart thinks, touches more deeply the mind and the soul, then what your ever calculating and analyzing brain does.

With the deepest thanks that my soul can bear,

Leona O. Ardulov