Author's notes: Came up with the idea for this story after I wrote a poem inspired by a love-triangle on the show Smallville and then all my friends assumed that it was something that really did apply to me and this guy who was sort of my friend that I am pretty much infatuated with. However, I assure you, in my case it's not true. The name of the main character in my story is the combination of the names of my two favorite female characters in any form of media; Gaia Moore from the Fearless book series and Chloe Sullivan from the WB show Smallville. Oh, and in the story, when there first is italic writing, that is Gaia's thoughts and when it's like this that's Gaia's subconscious speaking. And the second time there is a succession of italicized words, that's what Gaia and her friend are writing to each other in a note. If you don't understand what the heck I'm talking about now, you will when you get to the part. Anyway, I think that's all the notes I need to give you. So on with the story:


Gaia Sullivan stared intently at the blank paper before her, chewing the cap that was on the top of the black Bic pen, a habit she did when she was deep in thought, as she sat by herself at a table in a secluded corner in the library listening to her mini disc player. Her eyebrows burrowed into a frown and she sighed in distress. Without tearing her eyes from the blank sheet, she moved her free left hand to the prohibited beverage that sat at her table and then took a sip from it. As she set the drink down, she felt a hand lift one of the headphones off her ears.

"Hey, no food or drinks in the library, young lady," said a masculine voice in her ear.

"Hey Guerin, what's going down?" Gaia asked nonchalantly, still looking at the unmarked paper, not having to look up to confirm that the voice belonged to her gorgeous, half-Hispanic friend, Santiago Guerin.

"I'm glad you're so enthused at my presence. I hope I'm always greeted with such open arms wherever I go."

She tore her gaze from her sheet of notebook paper and looked up at Santiago. The corners of Gaia's mouth went up slightly as she tried to suppress her grin due to his ever-so-present sarcasm as she pulled the headphones down to around her neck.

"I'm so sorry, let me try that again. Oh my God, Santiago! I'm am so ecstatic you decided to grace me with your presence. I think my day was just made, thanks to you," Gaia said with mock excitement.

"I'm going to pretend you really meant that and say, Anything for you, Sullivan.'"

Gaia smiled at Santiago before turning her attention back to the task at hand, the blank page that laid on the desk in front of her. Usually she would bestow her friend her full attention, but she had to get this assignment done before lunch was over. As she did this, Santiago sat in one of the empty seats next to her.

"So, what are you doing here by yourself, Sullivan?"

"Landover gave us this poetry assignment that's due today in exactly fifteen minutes and, as usual, I neglected to write one last night, but I have a valid excuse. You see, I, Gaia Sullivan, suck at poetry and to top that off, couldn't find any sort of muse. So therefore I could not do this damn assignment."

"What does the poem have to be about?"

"She gave us this poem that would could use as an example, but she said it didn't have to be anything like it; both context-wise and style-wise."

"Then what's the problem, Sully? From my stand-point it sounds like an easy assignment."

"Exactly, from your stand-point it does, but from mine, being as unpoetic as you can get, I see it as an extremely difficult one."

"What was the topic in the example poem? Maybe you could use that to help you."

"Well, the poet is this guy who was in prison and the poem was to his girlfriend telling her that while he couldn't give material things, he had his love to give her."

"Alright, then write about your own experience with love."

"If you haven't noticed Guerin, my experience with love has been non-existent."

"Just because you've never dated anyone doesn't mean you haven't experienced love. Now be honest, tell me there isn't some guy you've been in love with, even though he may not have returned the sentiment?"
Gaia felt her face become hot, but she tried not to betray what she was thinking to her best male friend. She was basically in love with someone, but she was never going to admit that out loud, especially to Santiago.

"What about Milo?" continued Santiago. "I remember you telling me you have the hots for him."

"First off, I told you I thought he was cute. Secondly, he's my friend. I love him, but not in the love you were previously referring to."

"Just because he's your friend doesn't mean you can't be in love with him."

"Oh like you and Viv?" asked Gaia, regretting saying it as it came out of her mouth. She knew he was touchy about pointing out his obvious crush, almost infatuation, with their classmate Vivianna Manchester, and she was torturing herself in the process by continuously admitting it out loud that Santiago liked this other girl.

"No, not like Vivianna and me. I'm not in love with her."

"Oh, you're not? So you haven't been holding a flame for her since like the beginning of time?"

"It's not like that with Viv and me, okay? Besides, even if I did, Viv doesn't like me like that, alright?"

"Whatever you say there, Guerin. No need to get all touchy."

But deep down, Gaia knew the truth. She saw it whenever they, Viv and Santiago, were together. Their feelings for each other were mutual, it's just neither of them would admit it to themselves. A feeling of depression overcame Gaia and her facial expression moved to a frown. Before they could continue whatever conversation they had left, the subject of the previous conversation started to near their table.

"Hi Gaia. Hi Santiago," Vivianna said so bubbly Gaia almost gagged. "What's going on?"

"Just contemplating shooting myself so I don't have to be near your peppy-ass," Gaia muttered inaudibly to herself.

"What was that?"

"Sorry, just thinking out loud," lied Gaia.

"Oh. So Santiago, I was wondering if you could come join me at the table over there and help with my calculus. I really didn't understand the natural logarithm inverse equation thing that Conners went over today."
"Sure, no problem," replied Santiago without hesitation, causing Gaia to roll her eyes.

"That's great, thanks," smiled Vivianna sweetly. "You can come too, Gaia. You're getting an A in calc, maybe you could help."

"Um, thanks, but I think I'll pass. I really need to finish this poetry assignment I'm working on."

"Oh, okay. Well, see you later then."

"I'll catch up with you after school, okay Sully?"
"Sure, whatever," she replied trying to sound nonchalant.

Gaia sighed and placed the headphones firmly back on her head as she watched Santiago's and Vivianna's retreating backs as they strode off together side by side until they reached a table on the other side of the library. She tried to remove her line of sight from the two, but she couldn't find the will to do so. From where she sat, she could see Santiago peering down at the calculus book in front of him and while his attention was occupied, Vivianna smiled dreamily at him, causing Gaia to stifle a groan. Santiago looked up from the book and glanced at Vivianna who conveniently glanced down at the book as he looked at her. Vivianna leaned closer to Santiago and he inhaled the scent of her shampoo since her head was so close to his. Finally, after this semi-pathetic action, Gaia managed to look away from the non-couple.

A heavy sigh escaped from Gaia's lips and she willed herself not to get upset over what she just saw. What was so Goddamn special about Vivianna Manchester? Gaia thought bitterly to herself. Yeah, I suppose she was extremely attractive with her long blonde hair, blue eyes, and great physique, but beneath that glitz and glamour was just another ditzy, dumb blonde. Okay that's not entirely true, Vivianna wasn't exactly the atypical blonde, she could hold her own in a intellectual conversation most times, but there was no denying there was something about Vivianna Manchester that crawled under Gaia's skin.

Maybe you're just bitter that she enthralls Santiago's attention without even really trying, Gaia's subconscious analyzed to her.

What are you talking about? Why would I care about Santiago liking her? I mean, he's liked her since he stopped thinking girls had cooties, so I've basically gotten used to the fact that he likes her. Gaia reasoned to her subconscious.

You know why it bugs you. You like Santiago.

Of course I like Santiago; he is my friend, my best guy friend to be more specific.

Sorry, let me rephrase it then. You're in love with your best friend.

What? No I'm not!

Admit it you are. I mean this is your subconscious calling.

"I am not having an argument with my subconscious," Gaia muttered to herself, realizing her internal argument with herself was ridiculous. But truthfully, there really was no denying it; her subconscious was right, her feelings for her best friend ran deeper than she'd ever to admit to anyone. Instantly, her internal argument became her muse, and she finally had an idea for her poem. She quickly scrawled down whatever came to her. All her thoughts and feelings flowed out of her onto the paper. Within a matter of minutes, she was finished with her sudden poem, and she then proceeded to re-read the final product.

"Wow, for once I wrote something that was actually decent," she grinned to herself.

She thought for a couple of seconds, and then decided on the perfect title. She folded the poem in half, then slipped it inside of her English journal. The bell rang, indicating the end of the lunch period. She gathered her things, then headed to her English class. She was one of the first students to arrive to the class, and she took her seat in the back corner of the classroom. More students filed into the classroom during the five-minute passing time, and by the time the bell rang, most of the class had arrived.

"Okay class, let's get started," said Gaia's English teacher, Ms. Landover, gaining the attention of the restless room of teenagers. "Three days ago, which was Monday for those of you following along, I assigned you a poetry assignment that was due today. And guess what kiddies? You get to share them with the class."

A groan of annoyance floated around the room from most of the students, Gaia being one of them.

"Who wants to go first?"

Eyes diverted from Ms. Landover and not a hand went up. Every student in the class was silently praying that they would not be Landover's first victim, especially Gaia, who hoped everyone would have to go before her and time would run out before they reached her. Unfortunately, Gaia was not so lucky today.

"Well, I'm so happy you're all so eager to share." Ms. Landover looked around the room searching for her first unwilling participant. "Gaia, why don't you start things off?"

"Sure," Gaia replied begrudgingly taking the folded piece of paper out of her notebook. "Can I read it from my desk?"

"By all means, whatever is most comfortable to you."

"Alright. Well, the poem is called I'm the One You Want.'"

Gaia paused for a second, before reading the poem to the class:

"You have no clue

How long I've wished

That you'd see me

In a new light

And want me

The way you want her

We're just friends

That's all we'll ever be

You love her

You don't love me

I wish you'd see

That I love you

But I know

She just blocks your view

Can't you see I'm living a lie?
I'm your soulmate

Masquerading as your friend

You have no idea

How much I just want to scream

Declare my love

Shout that I love you, you idiot

But I can't

For I fear rejection

I can't lose your friendship

It means too much

So for now

I'll just be your friend

And watch you

Watch her

Pretending not to watch you back."

She folded the poem back in half as the class gave her her courtesy applause. She averted her eyes from the class; not wanting to look at their pensive glares, the ones that were wondering who the person in the poem was about. She especially didn't look at the girl sitting next to her, her best friend Taryn Finch.

"Wow, never knew you were quite the poet, Gaia," commented Ms. Landover.

"It was just something I threw together," shrugged Gaia.

"Well, I hope in the future you throw things together' more often. So, who would like to go next?"

As Ms. Landover picked her next volunteer, Taryn attempted to talk to Gaia.

"Was that about who I think it was about?" Taryn whispered to Gaia.

Gaia ignored her, pretending not to hear her. Taryn flipped opened her notebook, then tore a page out of it. She scribbled a note down, folded it in half, and then passed it to Gaia. Gaia unfolded the note and read it to herself.

Was that about Santiago? I knew you had a crush on him. I didn't know you had the LOVE Jones for him.

Gaia rolled her eyes then scrawled a reply.

If I told you that I was inspired by the Chloe/Clark/Lana triangle on Smallville, would you believe me?

She handed the note back to Taryn. Taryn read the note, then smirked. She wrote something down, and then it was back in Gaia's possession.

Not a chance in Hell.

Gaia let out a sigh of defeat. She wrote her reply, then handed it back to Taryn to read.

Fine, you got me. You're right. There, I said it. Happy?

As Taryn read this, a smug smile flew across her face. She scribbled something down, then handed it to Gaia.


"Taryn, why don't you go next?" asked Ms. Landover, wiping the smile off of Taryn's face.

"Sure, Ms. Landover. I'd be happy to."

Glad that Taryn finally was distracted from interrogating her on the poem matter, Gaia crumpled up the note, tossing it to the nearest trash can. By the end of the period, none of the students in the class had found themselves safe since the class managed to breeze through everyone's poems. When the bell rang, Gaia quickly gathered her things and then made a fast exit from the classroom, hoping to ditch Taryn in her efforts. Unfortunately, Taryn was just as fast, and seconds later, was next to Gaia.

"So, when are you going to tell him?" asked Taryn as they walked towards Gaia's next class.

"Tell who what? You do realize your next class is the other way, right?"
"Don't dodge the subject by trying to divert it to another. You know exactly who and what I'm talking about. So, when are you going to declare your love?'"

Gaia paused for a second, as if really pondering the thought.

"After Hell freezes over and pigs fly."

"Come on Gai, take a chance," she pulled Gaia to a stop in the middle of the hall, earning a few sneers from other students trying to get to there classes. "What happened to the fearless pixie we've come to know and love?"

"She fell in love with one of her best friends," Gaia replied ruefully, then her tone changed to one with a rough edge. "Now, if you don't mind, I have to get to my next class. Don't want to be late."

With that, Gaia turned and walked away from a stunned Taryn. Taryn slowly turned around, then started walking to her class whilst devising a plan on how to get her two best friends together.



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