Historical Note

A great deal of dates used were true. Thibault did call a crusade November 1199. There was a Children's Crusade 1212. And the Cathar crusade was started around 1208, maybe earlier. A huge difference is in the death of Louis de Blois. There is evidence he was alive for the final sack of Constantinople, as he took home a shiny silver plate or something.

Of course, most of the characters never really existed. The only ones that I can say are historical figures are: Augustus II, Pope Innocent III, Thibault, Boniface, Louis de Blois, Simon de Montfort, and the Alexises (and those related to them). Most of the battles are portrayed in the way I wanted them too (ah, to be a fiction writer…), as there was no record of any specific battles I could find. There was no raid on the camps before the first sack of Constantinople.

I have no idea what was going on in Wales during the Crusades. There are no records I can find of them doing much of anything except resisting gradual English oppression, which would surface around 1270 with all of those Llellwyn's. Caerleon was built near a Roman amphitheatre, though, and had a great fishing industry. And of course sheep. But no castle until the late 13th century.

Lastly, I don't think anything significant happened in Angers. The latter part was completely fictitious. The Cathars, for the most part, were really pacifist and I doubt they would ever fight. There were quarrels over relics because, of course, everyone was religious in the Middle Ages. On a side note, there is historical context relating to Saint Mary and her shrine. It was located in Constantinople for awhile, and then supposedly moved to England for safekeeping. I doubt there was any cloth of that much significance, but hey—you never know.

Any other historical flaws not mentioned are my own fault.

Author's Note

As you're reading this, I'm editing this little sucker. I realized that I had been writing this and I had the grammar check turned off. So that would partially explain my grammar retardation.

Some of you have been with me for an entire year! My gratitude is overwhelming and if I was stalkerish and I knew where everyone lived, I would buy you all the $399 12-month membership special to Godiva chocolate. There are many problems with this story, but I'm aiming to correct them. Thanks for sticking through me for that. And the comments are outrageous (in the good way), hilarious, and poignant. I enjoyed each and every one of them with deep appreciation.

This entire note has been very arrogant, but I felt inclined to add one. I'm fourteen, easily amused, and someone who doesn't follow through with much of anything.

Special thanks to those who wrote wonderful and inspirational stories.

This is dedicated to my aunt, uncle, and sixth-grade lit teacher.