One Lifetime


This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away 3 years ago to this day. It doesn't directly mention the person, and, like my other poems is abstract. Some of the wording may seem strange and it jumps around between themes, but it has to do with some of that hidden dialogue and jokes between friends. Anyways for those who read this, I hope you enjoy it. Even though it may not be the most appropriate way to end an introduction, I'll still end it as I always have with my Creole phrase. This friend of mine would have found it funny.



Moin émé sé fès a bèf!

One Lifetime

(For A. B.)

As we go along throughout this ride
Of mingled fates meant to collide,
We will know that we have seen the sights.

Our ears open, our voices singing
Resembling a chorus's ringing
Up on the stage in the dazzling lights.

And though we are lost, we do not care
For in the end we'll no doubt get there,
To that place where we are meant to be.

We will continue to sing out loud
Even out of tune we'll still be proud
To be together for all to see.

One second too early it is night,
And one star must leave, exit, stage right
Without any chance for an encore.

In the end, at a crossroads we part
The one who leaves says "follow your heart."
Before driving off, we shut the door.