January First –                          "He's a walrus!"

January Second –                     "Hmph."

January Third –                         "Oh, come on, now..!"

January Fourth –                       "I see the horns!"

January Fifth –                          "Oh.  I was going to poke you."

January Sixth –                         "I'm going home now."

January Seventh –                     "If I looked at the hamster and back, it'd be shifty."

January Eighth –                       "You need to stand up to your mom."

January Ninth –                        "Now if you ever find out if any of Cleopatra's beauty products work, let me know."

January Tenth –                        "Well I'm standing up for him."

January Eleventh –                    "I've said it before and I'll say it again, 'You're the best cook in the world!'"

January Twelfth –                     "I'm trying to lose my mint addiction by replacing it with Tetris addiction.  Who knows, it might work!"

January Thirteenth –                  "I should go home."

January Fourteenth –                "Can you revive the dead?"

January Fifteenth –                    "Cuddle with me."

January Sixteenth –                   "It's preordained."

January Seventeenth –              "I'll take that as a 'yes.'"

January Eighteenth –                 "She's the princess."

January Nineteenth –                "Jaken is very sad."

January Twentieth –                  "I forgot the numbers…"

January Twenty-first –              "The difference between whores and sluts is that whores make money."

January Twenty-second –         "There's more to me than my right arm."

January Twenty-third –             "The chick's dad stole from her piggy bank."

January Twenty-fourth –           "I want to be someone else."

January Twenty-fifth –              "That's the best story I've read in months."

January Twenty-sixth –             "You filthy maggot!"

January Twenty-seventh –         "This isn't very funny."

January Twenty-eighth –           "You've got to be angry!  You've got to be French!"

January Twenty-ninth –             "I'm expressing my dominance."

January Thirtieth –                    "I learned a new way to walk!"

January Thirty-first –                 "Nothing I can say or do is never good enough for you."

January's Quote of the Month   -"You've got to be angry!  You've got to be French!"