December First –                      "I can tell you're upset.  I think you're more angry than me over this."

December Second –                 "I've always wanted to try a two-and-a-half-some."

December Third –                    "Come on, duel me!!  I'm very duel-happy right now."

December Fourth –                  "Don't KICK NATE (kick Eric)"

December Fifth –                      "Whoosh!!"

December Sixth –                     "You're very hard to shop for."

December Seventh –                "I was actually at Woodstock.  That was a weird gig.  I fed off a flower person, and for the next six hours I watched my hand move."

December Eighth –                   "I'll kick yer arse so hard ye'll kiss the moons!"

December Ninth –                    "Who's the guy who comes up to your thigh?  Midget!  He's midget, oh!"

December Tenth –                    "I came to my senses.  All of them.  Except for taste."

December Eleventh –                "I feel so ditched, Mike!"

December Twelfth –                 "Could you please continue the petty bickering?  I find it most intriguing."

December Thirteenth –             "*gasp!*  They disposed of all our blue furry food!"

December Fourteenth –            "Next time I fall over it's YOUR fault!"

December Fifteenth –               "Shut up!  You two are starting to act like an old married couple!  *time elapse*  That's better."

December Sixteenth –               "You have no idea how much it gets to me when people type me e-mails like they talk on AIM! But you... you know how to use the almighty period, and the ever-useful comma, and the all powerful CAPITAL LETTER!"

December Seventeenth –          "FUNGUS!"

December Eighteenth –             "Eleanor Roosevelt will know what do to!"

December Nineteenth –            "Cookies for Pippin!"

December Twentieth –              "I felt awfully betrayed yesterday."

December Twenty-first –          "Make the pain stop…"

December Twenty-second –     "This is America, Bub. Tipping is part of the culture."

December Twenty-third –         "Here I am, invincible, running away from a bug!"

December Twenty-fourth –       "Come on!  Don't let the tradition die!"

December Twenty-fifth –          "Nobody likes you, Booster!"

December Twenty-sixth –         "It sure would have been nice if people would have just gotten me nothing for Christmas like I requested specifically…"

December Twenty-seventh –    "Just let… me… sleep…"

December Twenty-eighth –       "Yay!  Vegeta will get a tail next episode!"

December Twenty-ninth –         "I certainly hope that none of my pets die this break…"

December Thirtieth –                "I find it amusing when people offer me things that are already mine."

December Thirty-first –             "I was just worried about the short-legged nabit!"

December's Quote of the Month – "Eleanor Roosevelt will know what to do!"


Quote of the Year – "I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about, but being energetic is always a good thing."