The Persons and Events in this story are fictional. Any similarity to actual person or events is unintentional.


The forest of bamboo surrounded a large clearing, sounds of birds chirped quietly in the distance. The air was cool, and the light fragrance of jasmine could be detected. The crystal blue sky above showed no signs of movement from the world. The wind moved little as a wooden staff came swinging sideways. It twirled quickly, turning into an invisible wall. The woman spinning with staff moved it side to side before slamming it down, only to tap the ground lightly with a soft 'tat'. She wore a loose pair of light blue satin pants and a silk tie close shirt of a dark sea blue. The tie she used to keep her shirt closed was a light blue sash. The woman paused then thrust the staff backward into the stomach of a man that appeared. As he stumbled back in surprise, she twirled the staff around and the man fell onto his back. The woman spun the staff above her head and turned. The staff stopped just above the swell of his neck and the woman looked down at him. Her pale-peach colored face shown with anger and beauty, blue eyes shining regally with fire behind them, and waist length brown tumbled over her shoulders and down around her like a halo. The man could only stare at her, the goddess above him was far more beautiful than anything on this material earth could come close to. The woman growled softly in agitation, then stepped back. She let the staff fall onto her shoulder and she raised a brow at the man, "You're drooling." The woman turned away and walked over to a large stone in the clearing of trees where they were in. The man quickly got up and wiped the side of his mouth. He cleared his throat and looked at the woman once more. His brown eyes gazed at her longingly and he brushed back his black hair, not bothering to brush off his now dust covered black suit. He looked away to let his mind register that he finally found her.

"M' love." He started to speak, but barely ducked in time as a rock came speeding at his head. He looked at the woman, her eyes were ablaze with anger.

"How dare you call me that." She said, her beautiful voice low, dangerous, near deadly.

"Bobbi, I..." He started but was once again cut off, her voice was sharp this time.

"I broke up with you because you didn't have time for me, Justin." She said, her voice sharper than ever, "I waited two years for you. Then when you decided that you would play with me again, I was gone." She set the staff onto of the stone then knelt by it, her back to him.

"Baby, you know I was busy. I have been looking for three years for you." Justin said softly. He took a step closer, blinked, and had a thin long sword against his neck.

"And you were assuming since you put so much effort into finding me that I would walk back into your arms. You never loved me. All I was to you was a bed warmer." She growled, "Well guess what, lover. You can march your happy ass all the way back to your brother in law, because you do not have anyone named baby here."

The man leaned back away from the blade a little, "Jay had nothing to..." She brought her knee into his stomach then jumped, spun, and kicked him back several feet.

She stared down at him on the ground, "I never want to hear his name again, lover." Her eyes were flashing dangerously, like the blade, glittering, outstretched in her hand, catching the sun. He looked up at her once more, breath taken away from the sight and the kick. She spun the sword around her in hand, not really paying attention to it.

"I didn't mean to spend so much time with him. I love you." Justin tried again, his voice starting to shake a little.

"Love?" She laughed, a loud and evil laugh, "You speak of love? You? The one who had a brother in law for a spine? You, whom had a brother in law make all of your decisions? You, whom could not schedule an hour out of your busy life to visit me once a month? E-mail me? Let me know that you actually thought of me other than a toy?" She growled low, "Get off of my land before you defile it."

"Bobbi, please..." He started.

"GO AWAY!" She screamed and swung the sword in a downward motion. Justin looked at the blade moving towards his head. He squeezed his eyes shut in terror and backed off. After a moment he opened his eyes to see the tip of the sword hovering in front of his nose. One of his hairs from his forehead separated into two lengthy halves. His eyes focused back on the goddess. Her eyes were dark and flashing. Terror bled into as she leaned forward.


He squeaked in terror and bolted down the path.

"Coward." She said angrily and turned away, back to her training.


An average sized, chubby man with blond hair that was thinning greatly on top, and blue eyes sat in his designated living room chair. He listened to the man named Justin recount of what happened. He rested his head on his propped up hand, listening intently. Another man, very tall and strongly built with long black hair and green eyes sat on another chair across the living room. Justin was sitting on the couch, hands clasp in his lap and staring down at the floor as he recounted the story. After a bit of time, Justin finished.

"Doesn't seem the least bit grateful that you even thought about her." The blond man said, his eyes twinkling angrily.

"I believe that the problem was that he wasn't thinking about her to begin with, Jay." The tall, black hair man said. The blond man glared at him before he continued, "If the fight about her had not happened, we would sitting here, she would be a proper wife, and none of this would have happened."

The man named Jay looked up in thought, "You are right, Ed, but there is nothing we can do about that now."

"You can't blame her." Ed said and stood, "I will see if Bethany is cooking dinner." He walked out of the room and down the hall.


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