The Persons and Events in this story are fictional. Any similarity to actual person or events is unintentional.


~Three Years Later~

"That was to close for comfort, Sweetheart." A black Irishmen said softly into the goddess's ear.  She slumped in the airplane chair and muttered softly, "Yes, I know, Michael."  Michael chuckled as she pulled a book from her bag.

"If I had known that you would take to Ireland like a native, I would have toured you longer."  She smiled sweetly at him and was rewarded with a smile from him.

"We will come back later, but first I would like to see home again." The goddess said softly and started to read her book.


The blond blue eyed, now leaner, man named Jay sat in his large leather chair fuming.  The picture of the goddess and Justin at prom rested on the desk.  Justin's head had been torn from the picture.  He growled softly at his brother-in-law's shredded face pieces.

"Stupid boy… you had to drive off the bridge, didn't you?" Jay muttered and pushed them into a trashcan, "I told you it was bad to think you always had to be right."  Jay glanced out the window as lights appeared in the driveway.

He sighed, "I have to eat fast food because Bethany is mourning over her dumb-ass brother.  Justin is dead… And you will be too, Bethany.  She will replace you."  Jay stood and left the room.


Jay and Ed stood outside watching the double funeral of his brother-in-law and his wife.  The day was gray and overcastted.  The crowd was full of people dressed in black clothing and crying over the two.  Jay stood looking at the two caskets, eyes dry, watching with an expressionless face.  Ed's eyes were red from being awake all night.  Justin had died because he was drunk and thought he could make it home.  He had driven off the bridge a few miles from home.  Bethany had committed suicide by slitting her wrists in the bath.

After an hour or so of the preacher talking, they finally lowered the caskets into the ground.  Jay threw in the first shovel full of dirt into each grave.  The diggers finished the job.  Everyone started to leave and the day grew darker.  Ed and Jay got into the black SUV they had.  Ed turned the SUV on and drove off slowly while Jay looked out the passenger side window.

"Ed, can you cook?"

Ed looked startled in the break in silence, "Some, yeah."

"We'll have to cook for ourselves for a while.  Mom is keeping the boys for a few weeks until she feels that I am over this enough to take care of them." Jay said watching the houses pass by.

"A while?" Ed asked, glancing over at Jay.

"There was another sighting at the Dublin International Airport a week ago.  We are catching up."

Ed's hands tightened a little on the steering wheel and they drove the rest of the way home in silence.