Miyuki and the mysterious growing bra
Miyuki had just gotten out of the shower and was in her room getting ready. Her knee length chestnut hair wrapped in a lavender towel on top of her head quite similar to the one she had wrapped close about her slender body. She pulled the fishnets slowly over the curve of her long muscular legs, careful not to make the tiny holes bigger. She wiggled with much perseverance into her favourite skirt, short, black, tight and leather the perfect combination to accomplish the task of making her boyfriend melt into an owy gooy puddle of mush. She rummaged through a draw trying to find her favourite bra black, velvety, and comfy to boot. She put it on and noticed that it wasn't quite as comfy as it used to be actually it felt...it felt...too big! How could this be? She tried to rationalise the mysterious change. It could have stretched in the wash but it didn't feel stretched out it just felt too big all over. May be... oh no... no not that.
"Shima!" She shrieked. Her loud unmistakable voice rang through the halls down the stairs and was clearly audible to the short blond reading the news paper on the couch.
"Oh for gods sake what does that girl want now?" She put down the paper next to her seat and got up to find out what pinch the "Braided Idiot" had gotten herself into this time. She knocked on the door afraid of what it was she was walking into.
"Come in" The voice said from behind the oak door. Shima took a breath and walked in. She found Miyuki seated on the bed arms crossed and a piteous look on her face. Shima sighed.
"What's wrong now, don't you have a date tonight?" she looked as if she was going to cry and then she whined
"My boobs have shrunk!"
"What? Oh for gods sake." Shima placed a hand on her hip and with the other she massaged the bridge of her nose between her eyes.
"Seriously, look at the bra it's like a size too big! It never fit like that!"
"You idiot! Turn around." She did so and Shima checked the tag just as she had suspected.
"Do you fit in a 38 D?"
"No, why would I have a 38 D if I'm only a 36 C?"
"Oh you're a bright crayon aren't you. Did you ever think it might be Jeans? She wears about that size and a lot of you bras look a lot alike."
"Oh right! Shima you're a genius. Thank you I was really scared that my boobs had shrunk." Shima just sighed again.
"Now, is there any other crisis I need to help you with?" Miyuki thought for moment and shook her head. Shima walked out closing the door behind her summering to herself.
"How do I keep what is left of my sanity living with these two?"