Author: Imhotep Ardeth Bey

Genre: Drama / Angst

Title: But A Rose...

Summary: The red rose: expectation. The white rose: forbidden. Which is to choose, when the white is desired, and the red...hated?

My mind cannot decide between them; two flowers, two beautiful flowers, each of which have become favorites of mine, which I cannot choose between. Though the same flowers, both roses, radiating with their profound and natural beauties, their colors are differant; differant as night and day, and both appealing as the flowers themselves.

The first, the red, and traditional; just as the rain is forced to fall the red rose is forced into my hands against the will of their owner. The rain falls often; it is seen often, and expected, like that of a red rose is to the eyes of expectation. Just as the rain falls, I hold the red rose out of tradition; oh dreaded, crsed tradition! I wish only for the destruction of the pampered red rose; as many feel such animosity towards the rain.

The white rose, oh, the white! How the color white enchants my eyes with its bright illusions. The comfort I have lost from the viewing of the red rose is restored; simply by the presence of this beautiful, rare seen flower I feel alive again. Like an earthquake the white rose is shrouded with mystery; rarely seen, and shunned upon. Unacceptable: forbidden; is it that which attracts me towards this earthquake? Exactly as an earthquake does, to hold the white rose fills me with a feeling of excitement and adventure.

I love the white rose; I desire the white rose.

More than anything, I wish to rid myself of all that is red; all that is that cursed color rose, all that is rain; expcted and accepted, normal and appreciated. I wish to love all that i white; white will always be my favorite rose...

but how can that be, when my favorite color has always been red?