Sethoz: My first try at humor - hope you all like it!

A parents mission in life is plain,
Embarrass there kids,
Oh what a game!
They like to talk about that time,
When you were little and did a wee,
Outside in the puddle by the house.
Age 18 months.
Out come the photos,
And buckets of glee,
'Look there she is!',
Naked on a rug like that.
Age 2 years.
Maybe, if you're lucky,
They show the picture,
Of that time on the beach,
When you thought skinny dipping,
Was the fun thing to do.
Age 3 years 6 months.
It's possible, it's true,
That they abandon pictures,
In favor of words,
and explode with laughter,
As they tell of the time,
Age 4 years.
Before you could read,
Of the time you went in the gents not girls,
And didn't twig till long afterwards.
Ignoring the mutters,
And the brick red blush,
They embarrass you,
In front of your new crush.
Until he runs from the room in fear,
'Another one down! Oh dear, oh dear',
They cry with a giggle,
Getting there kicks from telling,
Of that time you dribbled,
Age 6 years.
It's a gift you see,
A not so forgotten art,
And now you just wish,
They would forget it already.
And the only thing that keeps you sane,
Is the thought,
When you have kids,
You can do the same!