By: Obsidian Night

In the Twilight

The sky will darken

To a shade of midnight

And the sun and moon

Will glow like celestial crimson

Obsidian fires will burn

Icy cold to touch

The frigid kiss of death

Bestowed on all in shadow

All madness will explode

The god's angry shouts

Will shake the earth

And the oceans will rise

In mad high tides

Discord and chaos will come

The final destruction of the present

A battle between the gods and giants

But with this end

There will be a beginning

And Sol will shine again

The dawn will shatter the darkness

In a rainbow of colors like Bifrost

The rain will purify the putrid land

And purge the darkest of shadow

The destruction will lead to creation

The night will turn to day

Blood will run like water

Until the light has come again

Life will begin anew

As a normal cycle of beginning and end

On our earth; midgard