By:Andrew Troy Keller

As far back as I could remember,the Monsters of Rock had pumped out one Top Ten ear shattering hit after another.
Of course,it's also true that they had a romantic side to them.
Case in point:Roger Connery and his band,the Masters of Disaster had lost a fellow singer to another band and started auditions for his replacement.
At first,it wasn't an easy task,for every singer that had auditioned was just not right for the band.
But then,a young woman named Samantha Ford had walked into the room,sat down and started to sing.
And as she sang,her voice had came out sounding like that of an angel.
After she had finsihed her song,Roger had walked over to Sam and said,"Congrats,Sam.You're now one of the lead singers of the Masters of Disaster."
And after she had heard that,Sam had let out a smile,stood up and gave Roger a great big hug,for she was happy to finally become a member of a heavy metal band.
And then,the other band members had also welcomed Sam with open arms.
The next day,the band had gotten into their tour bus and traveled to San Francisco,where they've been booked to perform at the Red Planet,the hottest club in the whole city.
As soon as the club's audiance section has been filled to capacity,the band was about to go on stage and perform their concert.
But before they were about to do so,Sam had gave Roger a kiss on the cheek and said,"That's for luck."
And when they had stepped on to the stage,the Masters of Disaster had given it their all to make that concert an experience that the audiance would never forget.
After the concert was over,the band members had gone to the local hotel and checked themselves in for the night.
And just as they were about to go into their rooms,Sam had walked over to Roger and asked,"Roger,can I sleep with tonight?"
After a short pause,Roger had looked at Sam and answered,"Sure.Why not?"
And then,after they had walked into their hotel room,Sam had plopped down on the bed,let out a sigh and said,"I'm really glad that I'm with you guys,because this is really the life."
Of course,a couple of minutes later,something had happened that had made Roger realize how lucky he was for them to have only one bed.
After Sam was done using the bathroom,Roger had stepped into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
But after he had walked back out of the bathroom,Roger was shocked to discover Sam's bare body laying on the bed.
"You've been waiting for me.",said a confused Roger."Right?"
"Yes,that's right.",answered Sam,after she had held her hand out to Roger."Come on,Roger.I won't bite."
After Roger had placed himself on the bed and removed all of his clothes,he had turned off the lights,just before he and Sam had began to experience their first night of erotic pleasure together.
And after a few moments of true sensual pleasure,the two newfound lovers had fallen asleep in each other's bare arms.
After the band had boarded the bus to go to the next stop on their concert tour,Roger had gotten down on bended knee in front of Sam,placed a ring on her finger and asked,"Samantha Ford,would you please be my wife?"
After she had looked at the ring and let out a smile,Sam had wrapped her arms around Roger and answered,"Yes,Roger.I will marry you."
And after the other band members had heard that,they had all let out a barage of cheers at the soon to be happy couple.
And then,on Monday,March 10th,Roger Connery had married Samantha Ford at a catholic church in the City of New York.
After they had returned from their Hawaiian honeymoon,both Roger and Sam had resumed their musical carrers with the Masters of Disaster.
And in the process,the two had also put on a solo show by belting out one romantic set of Monster Ballards after another.
They had also became the darlings of the annual Head Banger's Ball--time and time again.
So,where are they now?
They're living in the city of Berea,Ohio with three adorable kids,Stacy,Mikey and Johnny.