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A Boy and a Girl The tragedy of a young girl
Lisa was a small town Christian girl. She lived a happy life and had many loving friends. She attended Sunday school, youth group, bible study, and many other activities to do with her friends and her faith. Her father a strong Christian he always encouraged her in her faith but her two sisters and mother didn't encourage her as much as they should have. As many Christians would have done in her spot she encouraged them to go to church and asked her sisters to come with her all the time. Despite her sisters and mother she was a very strong Christian and learned to deal with a lot. But one day the day of April 25 came along and tragedy struck.

I will start from the beginning. Her parents divorced and her dad remarried. Her dads new wife was also a very strong Christian along with her daughter-Grace-as one year younger than Lisa, his new wife also had a son about 8 he was a good kid but he didn't quite give his life to Christ yet. Well weeks went by and Lisa and Grace became good friends and Grace became good friends with Lisa's friends. Lisa's sisters and mother often patronized her for her faith and she had come to find out that she could lean on Grace and count on her for good advice.

Grace often complained about missing her friends in her old town so one day Lisa, Grace and her mom went to their old town and Lisa and Grace got to go see Grace's old friends. When Lisa got there she saw Grace going crazy because she had just spotted her friends everyone seemed to be hugging Grace and asking her how things had been going. After the chaotic greeting Grace introduced Lisa to her old friends. There was one person who particularly stood out in the crowd. He was 6' tall was very muscular and tan Lisa was immediately attracted.

Later that evening, when they were back home Lisa asked about the guy she saw. Grace saw that Lisa was attracted to him and told her all about him. Lisa decided that the next weekend she would go up and see the guy again she told grace and she said "I better go with you to get you two introduced." So that weekend when they were down in Grace's old town Lisa and Jake met and knew that there was chemistry so they decided to date. Lisa went as often as she could to go and see him and often Grace accompanied her down there so she could see her friends.

Lisa's life was slowly turning she had picked up small habits from Jake like swearing and arguing with her parents and siblings. Grace watched Lisa as her life went from that of a strong Christian to being lukewarm in her faith. She often tried to help Lisa get back on the path of righteousness but Lisa wouldn't listen. Slowly Lisa drifted away from her family and friends the only person she would let into her life from her own town was Grace. Grace eventually gave up on nagging Lisa about the little things she was doing wrong that were causing a big problem in her life all she could do was pray that Lisa would return onto the path of righteousness.

After a month of them dating Lisa and Jake decided that they needed more of each other than just being with each other and cuddling they took the first step in the direction of sexual impurity (this may seem really dumb to most people but really this is the first step soon it becomes more) they kissed. Grace overlooked this fact and just shoved it off as 'oh every couple does this'. But soon after Lisa was talking to Grace about one of her many dates with Jake and she told Grace about how Jake had asked her if they could ever take a step forward in their relationship. Without even considering that Lisa might have said no Grace flew into a rage and wouldn't speak to Lisa. Lisa was so upset that she ran to her car and drove to see Jake. When she got to his house she ran inside and flew into his arms. He comforted her and tried to get her to tell him what happened but she wouldn't. He suggested to her that they go to a party that he was going to go to that night. She thought about it and said sure but he would have to give her a min. to get ready. She went into the bathroom and raided his sister's make- up and got fixed up for the party. She walked downstairs and they left for the party.

They got there and all over there were drunk people and people that were high she started to not like being there so she turned to Jake and told him she wanted to go home. He told her to go away and enjoy the party like he was she couldn't stand it so she ran upstairs to the bathroom and started crying she was still mad at Grace but she wished that Grace could be there with her she knew that Grace would take her home. She got out of the bathroom and went into one of the rooms and called Grace and told her what was going on Grace said she would leave right then and come get her but she was still mad at Lisa so she never said I love you back when Lisa said that to her.

Meanwhile Jake was skewering the house looking for Lisa. He soon found her crying in one of the bedrooms. He had a plan he pretended to be nice and said he would go get her something to drink. When he was pouring the drink (Pepsi) he added something to it, it was ecstasy. He took her the drink and started making moves and touching her. At first she told him to stop but after a while she gave in b/c he wouldn't stop. Jake saw this as an opportunity he started to undress her, she was kicking him and screaming for help but no one could hear her the music was so loud, he raped her that night. After he was done he carried her out to his car.

Moments after he left with Lisa Grace showed up she saw all of her friends and demanded that they tell her where Lisa was. They all told her that Jake just took her out to his car and left she tried to find out what way they went but no one saw them as they left so she went back out to her car. She was even madder at Lisa b/c she was passed out and she assumed that Lisa had gotten high or drunk and Jake was taking her back to his place to sober up before she headed home. She headed to Jakes house on the way she passed an accident and it looked like Jake's car. She got scared and pulled over the medical teams were swarming the vehicles trying to pull out the victims. She pushed through the crowd of medical persons only to discover that it was Jake's car. She talked to the head of the team about what had happened and he said that Jake was drunk and ran a red light and got run into by a semi. Grace didn't know what to do she lost control she wanted to kill her sister at that point.

Later at the hospital Grace came into Lisa's room surprisingly Lisa woke up and was able to talk but only a little bit about what happened. Grace asked her why she went to the party and all other kinds of questions and Lisa answered and tried to calm her fuming sister but nothing was working. While they were talking the doctors came in and told both of them that Jake was dead. Grace went into hysterics for she was good friends with Jake and didn't accept the thought of him being dead. She looked over at Lisa sympathetically but noticed that Lisa wasn't crying when she asked why that was and Lisa told her about what he did to her. Grace was furious she began hating the fact that she had ever introduced them. Lisa told her it wasn't her fault and smiled and asked her if she would pray with her. Grace agreed and so they prayed, they prayed that Lisa's sins would be forgiven and that god would come back into her life and that he would keep her safe. When they were done Grace pulled out her bible and read to her 1 Corinthians 13(Lisa's favorite part of the bible) and Philippians 4:8 and many others about love and gods love and about purity. That night Lisa woke up suddenly and woke grace up and all she said was "I love you" and then slowly her eyes shut as she drew her last breath.

Grace never got to tell Lisa how much that she loved and appreciated her and has regretted that ever since but she knows that Lisa knew how much she loved her. She was sad for a long time but after a while she looked back and remembered that they had prayed for her to be saved and oddly she remembered one exact phrase that they had prayed 'lord please keep Lisa safe' and that brought comfort for she then realized that Lisa was in heaven and that the lord had answered their prayers that night maybe not in the way that they wanted them answered but he answered them. Now everyday Grace prays for her old friends that they would come to Christ and so far most of them have come to know the lord. Grace also has read many opinions about dating and she found one of the greatest books written on that topic I Kissed Dating Goodbye she carries that around with her all the time along with her bible and not a day goes by that she doesn't read 1 Corinthians 13.

This story shows you a few things: don't just assume things, don't go to a party where you know there is going to be drinking or leave when you show up and there is drinking and drugs, and the last major point is this no matter how angry you are at a loved one never let them forget that you love them.

This story is not all completely true but for the most part it is I strongly encourage you to be a Christian (I am not trying to press my faith on you) or at least read the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye even if you don't agree with its teachings you should read it because it is a good book. Well anyways please R/R I will appreciate any comments good or bad about this story. Thank you for reading this God Bless -