Its Just Life

I dream and I see it.
The lights, the laughter, the love.
Its not mine, so I can believe it.

The lids they open to expectation, and find
my side full of darkness. My head it hurts, and
new scars burn with pain. Its mine I can't
believe it.

The movement of the one, it scares me. I
become a child of the same because I am weaker.
There is no malice, just grit, and the training of my
extermination, won't be no more Jason, once she gets
done with me. Its mine and I just don't want to
believe it.

The new is now here, almost against the
old man's will, but no choice. Now I can't reverse
it, its time. Destiny comes, and the attitude changes,
this adrenaline take care of anything dangerous. The
past see's the future, and I understand it, the lights, the
laughter, her. It's mine.