Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart

Hi, my name is Brendz. My real name is Brenda, but my friends call me Brendz. I'm an average 13 year old girl. I like to write, go online, hang with my friends, basic everyday things.
I have a question for you. Are any of these things unusual? Then why am I made fun of for things as normal as these? Why is it that everything I do I receive ridicule for? Why do people feel the need to satirize everything that's important and meaningful to me? What gives them the right to say what they think is right and everyone who says otherwise is insignificant and unimportant?
The world is full of people who base all judgment on stereotypes. If I play an instrument I'm a band geek. If I'm intelligent I'm a nerd. If I'm good with computers I'm a computer freak. If I dress in black I'm a Goth.
Why can't people accept that I'm not stereotypical? Yes, I am an average person, but I'm my own person and proud of it. I'm proud to be who I am, and to not be influenced by what's popular and what's not. I just really don't care about what people think. Why can't people just accept that there are differences in personality between people? Why can't they realize that not everyone is one of them? Look beyond my clothes, look beyond what you see. Have an open mind.
Everyone is different If we weren't different the world would be a very boring and monotonous place. There would be no change. There would be no progress. If you look around you will see all different kinds of people with different opinions. I bet you anything that you can't find two people exactly alike.
What people need to realize is that just because someone or something is different doesn't mean it's wrong. It doesn't mean it's bad. It doesn't make it less important, or more important. Everyone is different. We shouldn't focus on the differences in life. We should focus on what's the same. If you can't find anything alike between you and someone else, look deeper. If you still can't think of anything you can look at the differences.
If everyone is different, doesn't that mean that that's something everyone has in common. Our differences if looked at in the right way can be used to form a common unity. Just because I may not like the same music as you, or I might not like the same clothing style doesn't mean I'm unimportant. It doesn't mean that any idea is better than any other. It just means that the differences exist, and we should accept them, and by accepting those differences we find that we have another thing in common.
Why can't you see this?
I look at you. I look at me. I don't see any difference. I see another human, a person, an equal. We both need air to breathe, water to drink. When we're amused we laugh. When we're sad we cry. When we're happy we smile. There's no difference.
You don't see do you? You don't see anything past my non-brand name clothes, past my glasses, past my appearance. All you see is a preformed image of who you think I am. Even before I speak a single word you've already judged me. You've already decided whether you're going to listen to me, or whether you're going to tune what I'm saying out. You judged me, but I didn't judge you.
I wait for you to speak, and when you do speak I have an open mind, and listen. I listen to the words your saying, and consider them in what I'm thinking. I may not change my opinion on what I believe in, but at least I gave you the courtesy of listening. Can you say the same?
It doesn't really matter to me whether you like me. I don't care if you hate me. It doesn't make any difference as long as it's me that you hate. If you truly listen to my opinion, and don't decide what your going to think about it before I begin, then I have no problem with you disliking, or even hating me.
Although, ninety-nine percent of hate comes from fear, and that fear comes from the unknown, so chances are if you accept and understand someone you won't hate them. All we have to focus on is understanding and listening to others, and the world's hate will decrease by a significant percent.
So please, I'm asking you, for a small moment, disregard the things that make you judge me. Disregard the fact that I'm a teenager, the fact that I'm a girl, the fact that I'm not popular. For once in your life listen and accept what I'm trying to say. Remember, if nothing else, these words:
"Open your mind, open your heart."