I just had a random thought now: Fruits.


I'm a fruit

I'm not worth much loot

But I taste good

Eat me, I'm food

I come in different shapes

Sometimes I come in crates

I'm good to eat

A very nice treat

I'm good for your body

C'mon, and peel meeee!

Sometimes I come as a banana

While eating me, you do the macarena

Sometimes I'm an orange

... Does anything rhyme with orange?!

Sometimes I'm an apple

Hey, I see a horse, a dapple!

Fruits are really good for you

Some c'mere, pick me up, and have a chew!

Sometimes people eat vegetables instead

But tomatoes are not as good as an apple, at least not as red!

I think I'm finished with this poem

I've clearly stated my point

Hey camera man, go and roll 'em!

Now you'll watch a movie about fruits, and don't smoke joints!