Okay so I lied, this isnt my best poem. And its not about Bobble Heads. But read anyways! I know I have a bunch of mispelled stuff but its s'possed to be like that. WARNING: This poem doesnt make ANY sense!

Bobble Heads Scare Me

off to Jamaica me go! then me can play in dee snow! make snow man! and give him hat! i think me name him Pat! Pat the banana man! Banana man say Boo! He scare yoos!

Pat melt away! me sad all day! o well, me eat beans! and stuff that green, that me found at back of fridge!

green stuff make me sick or maybe it be toothy pick that me kinda ate boo hoo! me cant rhyme that great!

me want my pineapple pie! ouchies! me just poke my eye! me just drank hair dye! look at me! me can fly!

AHH!!! pat came back from dead! and he say "EAT LED!" but then me throw pineapple pie at his head and he dead! again!

me afraid to go to outer space because dee moon have face! that why me stay in Jamaica with dead Pat the banana man-ca.

Cause me have Pac-man fever! said beaver clever and thats the way they became the bradey bunch and me ate Cap'n Crunch!

Cap'n Crunch have no eye brows! Oh no! Pat scare dee cows! Now they have mad cow disease! run for your livees!!!!

GAH! Pat live again! He wont go away away! Oh well! me throw bomb at him and he go to hell!

Day is saved by me! everyone be filled with glee! and glee gum! oh no! Pat back! That bum!

Oh well! Lets play Monopoly! me be thimble!

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