The White Wall

White patch of paint on the wall
of grey
tell me your story.

What was it--
defacement of public property
a juvenile crime
reckless destruction
mindless abuse
of artistic lisense.
driven underground; passion
suppressed, then released; expression
of self; tatooed concrete:
a crurifix of jet black
spraypaint; shoutouts in blue
and tinted gold!
blood screams out--crimson red
punk dirty green
innocent orange..
of crayons spilled, scattered
the child humbled in silenced tears
--that pissed you off?

Hey, the wall is all white now.

Inspired by one of the walls in my classroom! Last year's class spraypainted messages, flowers and other stuff on the walls and the teachers got them painted over. Cool!

I like the use of colour, but I'm kinda disappointed that the colours don't create images as strong as I would like them to, but hey! What do you think?

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