Here I was at my home,

Going to surf the net,

When a sound to my ear arrived,

Dear, your homework was what I heard,

NOOO, is what I cried,

The dreaded thing just lay on the chair,

So innocent and free,

Oh how I wished the same could be said for me,

Finally later the deed was done,

And again to the net went I,

To splurge as before an hour or more,

When again came the cry.

Your homework is finished,

But you dear are not,

Your bed is unmade and the window is shut,

So off you go missy,

Not a moment to lose,

If you don't hurry I won't buy your shoes.

Off I went my energy spent,

And my spirits following in tow,

When suddenly,

Clear as can be,

It was said to me,

The Internet's free,

So I thought that maybe,

You would like,

To surf the net,

For an hour,

Maybe two.