In Which Cavemen Discover Self Awhereness.

Jo woke up the son he could see.

With a start jo realized "I'm me!"

He said to his mate

who had woken up late

"I am  me."

His mate giving a shake said "wait there's a mistake for only I'm me."

"I am me and you are she."

 Jo said  rather confusedly.

I am me and you are he. His  mate told him happily.

But  if I think you are she and you think I am he.

Are we she and he and not me and me?

I'm not sure could be. But then puzzled his mate wondered. who is me?

Mayby you and me are both me.

No his mate said. We are both we.

Maybe Jo pondered precariously

Maybe me is always different depending   on who says me to me.

I see his mate said happily

Then it is solved Jo said satisfactorily   .